Pushkin Village


Pushkin Village

Pushkin Village (9)

The origin of the name of the village Tsar, and the Finnish one called "Sha Lima AES" is closely related to the manor. 1708-- During 1724, Salle Manor slowly became Tsar Village (in Finnish Salle similar transliteration of Russian Tsar; and Finnish manor in Russia just as the village). In 1937, to commemorate the Pushkin spent his childhood here and changed to its present name. In 1811, 12-year-old Pushkin Tsarskoye Selo to enter secondary school, spent six years, even holidays never left school. Pushkin Museum Pushkin and his wife in 1831 to this summer villa. Here are a few garden statues and several poets memorable. After the revolution, where many buildings are changed to kindergarten, children's hospitals and schools, therefore also the title of Children's Village. 1837 laying of the first railway from the Russian tsar in St. Petersburg to the village.

Catherine Palace

Pushkin village built a magnificent Catherine Palace, is Bidetaidi 1708 for his wife, Catherine I, the construction, but also its female

Catherine Palace (10)

child of Queen Elizabeth, Catherine II, Alexander I and Nicholas II's favorite palace on the outskirts. Was a two-story wooden palace. 1743-- During 1751, the reconstruction works of the palace. Its original appearance and simple alterations to the majestic grand, magnificent luxury Royal Palace. Renowned architect 拉斯特雷利 additions to the palace and the church as Hangzhengguanli purposes of the wing, stamped on the top five magnificent, distinctive onion-shaped dome, add a decorative statue on the wall. The building in line with royal palace truly breath. In utero, the magnificent hall an indirect one, formed a "golden corridor", the room was named "red column hall" Depending on the color of "green column hall" and so on, reception hall (throne room) the most spacious, show strong national sovereignty of the Russian empire and supreme. There is a called the "Amber Room", used in interior decoration are all amber, called the world a great spectacle, this is priceless rarities Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I gave Bidedadi gift, but the Germans made off with all the amber retreat, these amber still missing. According to people recover photos and other historical data, turn the Amber Room.

Cameron corridor

Cameron corridor is named after the architect's name. It is Europe's most classical architectural style. Rotary staircase decorated with ancient Greece and Rome both sides of Flora (Flora) and 赫尔库勒思 (Hercules) giant bronze statue replica, it is extremely splendid appearance.

Cameron corridor (2)

In addition, while neatly trimmed French garden, full of Baroque "艾尔米塔斯" pavilions, artificial cave, Turkish bath, sea commemorate the glorious deeds of Chez regret Mo and stone columns, Cahul monuments and famous fountain "milkman's daughter." Palace garden is very elegant, cross the bridge, arsenal, Chinese-style pavilion and garden flowers and brick pattern, set off a magnificent building, walk through the gardens small road, gives a beautiful feeling, and Summer Palace have the same purpose . Some people think this house is more beautiful than the summer palace.

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