Phil Ya Galka

Early experience

Phil Yadolka is on the Domestic Sheffield Lianqing Youth training in England.


Club career

Phil Ya Gurka is from Xie Fei Lianqing training camp, in 2007 he transferred Everton, During the 12 years of effectiveness, he got 385 for the team in various events, scored 19 goals and assists 11 times, and grew as the team of the team.

Everton Period Phil Ya Galka

The prior that Phil Yadalka announced that it took 12 years of Everton. He joined Xie Fi, he was free to join with free players.

Phil Yagga failed to Xie Fei, during the 2000-2007, he had a total of 254 Xie Fi Fede. This time, the mother team, Xie Fei Fede also expressed its support for Phil Yarga with "Welcome Home" in the official website.

Xiefield period

July 5, 2019, the ultra-super-lunar match Ma Xi Fei Lian official Xuanfu Ya Gurka returned, the two signs for 1 year.

On August 23, 2020, Sheffield Liao official declares and Ya Galcard for one year.

National team experience

Phil Ya Gurka has been selected and represents the English U21 Year of England, representing 40 games on behalf of England National Men's Football Team, attacking 3 goals.

England National Team period

Personal life

Phil Yadolka's grandparents is a Polish immigrant, so this in Kingdom in England Father, in front of learning English, is a Poland communication, leading to the born of Manchester's Phil Yarga, with a small "Polish" life mode.

is that, but Phil Ya Gurk is more thinking that he is an unrelated English. He even threatened when he accepted his wife and did not put his wife and children. Bringing back to Poland, showing Phil Yadalka for Poland. However, in this visit, Phil Ya Gurka is also honestly, once you have never got a call from the England national team, you will still consider playing the Polish national team.

player resume

transfer record

Note: The transfer fee is 10,000 euros

participate in the competition

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