Pearl fruit rice wine


(1) wash the glutinous rice, the same as the steamed steamed steamed steamed pots in two hours

(2) as a steamed pot. After the vapor is steamed, it must be completely allowed to cool

(4) with cool water to stir the glutinous rice, scattered glutinous rice, almost a small bowl of rice Water

(5) Powder of the wine (Nikişduized) powder, mix the pearly fruit in the glutinous rice in glutinous rice


(7) Put glutinous rice into the container, make a hole in the middle, sprinkle with alcohol, glutinous rice, and the surface of the wine is also covered with wine, and put it on Warm method. The most ideal temperature of 25 degrees to 30 degrees.

(9) Open after 24 hours, if you see there is wine in the hole, it is almost good. The temperature is not enough, it is relatively long.

Pearl fruit

The Mingzi is also known as pearly fruit, which is a mature fruit called "basil" plant (also named Lanxiang, parsley). Its size is such as sesame, contained in the fruit, and the particles are full of round, and in Southeast Asia, it is considered a rare Chinese medicine.

so ascing it in boiling water, it will quickly absorb water, and can promote intestinal peristalsis after intake the human body to help digestion. In addition, it can be made of intestines; the harmful components in food have a detoxification effect.

Since the long-term, Chinese medicine agents that treat brain, heart, lung, kidney, bladder and other disorders. Due to the wonderful characteristics of the masters and special pharmacological effects, there is a wide range of applications in rice wine, juice, particle suspended drinks, pearl milk tea, shaved ice, yogurt (dairy products).

Pearl fruit rice is soaked, and the floating granules are formed in the juice, very beautiful, smooth, sine microic acid, fragrance.


Huangshi Pearl Fruit Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. (formerly Huangshi Shengfeng Food Beverage Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1952, and has been specializing in the research of beverages in more than 50 years. Production and sales.

In December 2004, investment of more than 50 million yuan, covering an area of ​​45 acres, a garden new plant, a green area of ​​30%, has been put into production, and the new factory has 16,000 m2 modern factory, with more than 30 million yuan. 6 international first-class fully automated series beverage production lines.

The new factory has 6 series, fence, PET, easy pull can, pure water, etc., etc., in addition to the advantages of the past full-time production rice wine, can also produce juice, functional water, plucking water, milk drink, pure water, etc. The full range of beverages such as containers, the annual production capacity of about 200,000 tons, the ability to sell $ 500 million, becoming the only full range of manufacturing and processing enterprises in Huadi-China region.

Company and product is one of the first batch of 123 counterfeit rights companies in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and passed the green food certification and ISO9001: ISO2000 quality system certification of the National Green Food Center.

Company will adhere to: "Quality, integrity, science and technology, innovation, regulating management, advancement of advancement, market, business and enterprise, win - win" business philosophy, cooperation with all walks of life ,Develop together.


won the Agricultural Fair Gold Award

September 30, 2012, a 4-day Tenth China International Agricultural Products Fair came to an end. This agricultural fair has 33 exhibitions from 33 provinces (districts, municipalities), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Taiwan provinces, as well as 22 countries and regions of the United States, Netherlands.

Huangshi City Selected "Pearl Fruit" rice wine stands out in more than 120 exhibitaries in Hubei Province, with its health, delicious, nutrition, the only one of Huangshi in this agricultural fair The gold medal.

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