1543 When the first white arrived, there was an approximately 125 parties of 100,000 to 180,000 Indians living here, collecting and fishing.

1778, the British captain Jie Koke rate crew to the acquisition of the beaver.

In 1792, Boston Ron Krie found the Columbia River and naming it.

After 1830, thousands of Americans moved from the Midwest to the Northwest Pacific Ocean. On the Oregon trails they walked, they also saw the ruts of the current caravan.

Established an Oregon area in 1848.

Join the federation in 1859, which is the 33th state of the United States.


Location area

Oregon is located in the northwest of the United States, the Northwest Pacific Northwest, and there is a Cambo mountain and coastal mountains in the western part. A plateau. The area is 25,4806km2, ranks 9th in 50 states in the United States.


Oregon's climate is gentle, the season is clear, the western coast is heavy, and the east plateau is less rain, and the forest accounts for half the state. The climate is different, the coastal climate is warm, dry in the mainland, hot in summer, cold in winter. The coastal area is 13 ~ 16 ° C in July, and it is about 4 ° C in January, and the annual precipitation is 1500 ~ 3000 mm. The Colombian basin is 10 to 24 ° C in July, one month-1 ~ 1 ° C, and the annual precipitation is 250 ~ 500 mm.


The four-way highway is eight-way, except for the main road of 66,000 kilometers, there are 84,000 kilometers of forest roads and country roads. The total length of the railway is about 8,000 kilometers. Water transportation has always hosted an important position, there are 23 ports.

Portland (Portland) is a deep-water, and the sea-wheard can be directly reached, and the traffic and trade centers in the state are also the largest city in the state. There are more than 100 airports in the whole state, and international airports in Portland.


In 2010, there are 38,03,074 people in Oregon. Oregon's racial proportions can be divided into: 78.0% is white, 12.0% is an Asian American, 8.0% is Latin American, 1.6% African American, 1.3% is an indentative country, 3.1% mixed race. The former seven major residents in Oregon are: German (20.5%), British (13.9%), Irish (8.3%), Chinese (6.3%), Dutch (5.2 %), Swiss (3.9%).

The state is 6.5% of the population under 5 years old and 24.7% under 18 years old, and 12.8% of the population over 65 years old. Women account for approximately 50.4%.

Economic indicators: 2011 Oregon GDP is 194.7 billion US dollars, ranked 25 in the United States, accounting for 1.30% of the US GDP; per capita GDP50,297 US dollars.

Trade Status: The total export in 2011 is $ 18.29 billion, an increase of 3.5% year-on-year, ranking 24th in the United States. The main export markets include countries and regions such as China, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China. Main export products include high-tech electronic products, agricultural products, forest products, transportation, metal products, plastic products, fishery products and communication products.

In 2011, Oregon's exports in China were US $ 3.16 billion, a year-on-year decreased by 21.9%. The main export products include computers and electronic products, chemical products, waste and renewable products, agricultural products.

Foreign investment: Foreign investment plays an important role in the economic development of Oregon, its main source of countries are United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, mainly foreign investment companies include British oil, Germany Solarworld, Siemens, Japan Honda Automobile, French LNG company, etc.


to 2011 China has investive in Oregon, including Li Ning sportswear, Wuxi Power, Changzhou Dongjun Guangmeng Technology, etc.


The main cities are: Portland, Beaverton, Lakeoswego, Corvallis (Corvallis) Eugene, Hookriver, Medford, Salem, Dals, Tillamook, Sthelens, volcano Grant Lake Craterlake, Grant'Spass, Bent, Coosbay


located in the state museum included wave Terran Art Museum, Oregon State University Phoenix Museum, Portland Vision Art Center, Oregon History Center, Child Museum, Portland Science and Industrial Museum, Advertising Museum, Oregon Maritime Center and Museum; and Porter Lan police historical museum. Other museums in the state: Located in the art museum in the campus of Oregon, a desert museum near Bande, is located in the Philipphi Museum of Clemous Waterfall, located in JohnDay. The Human Museum, as well as the Czech Wille Museum in Jacksonville.

Portland has many groups of performances, including: Oregon Symphony Orchestra, Portland Ballet Association, Portland Youth Philharmonic Group, Portland, Indoor Orchestra, Oreh Ballet, Pacific Balletics, and Oregon Dance Troupe. The Oregon Shassi Festival and the Eugea Ballet in the grayscale (ASHLAND) are well known to the national performance art group.

Urban Culture

Alias ​​"Sea otter" (Beaverstate). State flowers are Oregon Grapes (Oregon Grape). State bird is Westernmeadowlark. The state tree is Douglason (Douglasfir). The motto is "sheflieswithherownwings".


The state is one of the most famous universities in the state: Oregon State University. Oregon State University was founded in 1858, one of the oldest higher-and-historic high schools in the United States. The school has important a hundred-year-old school school in the United States, has cultivated a large number of leaders and elite talents for the United States and the world.

The following is the main university in the state:


Oregon State University (OregonStateUniversity




South Oregon University (Oregon InstituteOftechnology)




< P> Religion, the proportion of the Beliefs of Oregon residents are as follows: 57% of the newbursers, 15% Roman Catholics, 4% other Christians, 1% other religious, 18% without faith.

In the new teach in Oregon, the top three factions are: 9% of the Baptist, Luther: 7% and Methodist Chief: 5%. Although most of Oregon is a new context, the number of churches in this state is quite small, and it is possible to be the least in the states of the US West Coast. It is generally 80%, but only 12% of Oregon.


Baseball Small Alliance: Portland Beaver (PortlandBeavers, 3A Pacific Coast Alliance, Mater Tead: Shengdi Tead Priest)

Salem / Kase, Salem-Keizervolcanoes, Short-term 1A Northwest League, Mater Team: San Francisco Giant)

Eugene Cui Yu (Eugeneemeralds, Short Term 1A Northwest League, Mater Tead: Shengdi Tead Priest)

Basketball National Basketball Association (NBA) : Portland Trailblazers NCAAPACIFICUNIVERSITY

American Football: < / B> NCAAOREGONSTATEUNIVERSITY (Beavers) UniversityOForegon (Ducks)


to 2011 in Oregon, there are 340 state parks and leisure areas, 14 national forests, and a wildlife and Landscape river system. In addition, Oreligan has a national park - Crakelkenational Park. In the state popular activities, fishing, swimming, boating, water skiing, boating, golf, skiing, skating, and snow motorcycles, etc. There are also places worth watching in Oikaugan: Bonnyville Dam, Hell Canyon, Wall, Hu De Mountain, and a House in Portland.

Grape Variety

He Pinotnoir, Merlot ), Cabernetsauvignon, Syrah, Xianfei (Pinotgris), Chardonnay, Riesling


Oregon's soil is mainly granite, with a small number of volcanic rocks and clay.


Like Other US state, it is administrative, legislation and judicial three rights, only national defense There is no implementation with the level of diplomacy.

Oregon does not set up deputy governor, such as the governor resigned, from the state customs to the governor.

Republican and Democrats have no absolute advantages in this state. However, since the US presidential election from 1988, the presidential election of each year, this state is better than the Democrat.


The famous celebrity has writers than Beverly, Cartoon Painter Mattgroening, politician Mark Sea Markhatfield, Actor Hohua Hay Swan, Prose Writers / Poet Philli, Phyllismcginley, Chemitchell, Chemist Lenas Carl Wave LinuscarlPauling, as well as actresses Sally Sturshers, etc.

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