Note on the Laozi River

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"Old Sub Note", the old book is written on the river.晁 公 武 "Reading": Too history is the "Laozi" in the river, and then it is back to the Gonggong. Gangong is Qi Xiang Cao Nomen. And Ge Hong said that he was the name of Han Xiaowen, and Han Xiaowen. The waiter, "Laozi", Xiaowu, asked "Su Shu Dao". Different, when it is from too common clouds. The case of "Historical Records, Le Yi is a" Historical Records, Le Yi, "said that the source stream is very particular.

However, "Yu Zao" contains two volumes of the old man "Morality", Han Wenmi, bidding in the river, but also carrying a "Laozi" in the River in the River. Then the two rivers were all one, two "old sons" all books. The public book on the Warring States Division is dead, and today's transmitter is the public on the river. Ming Zhu Dong is the book, the question is Qin people, and the cover is not detailed. But the Emperor of the Emperor is driving on the river, privately accepts his book, there is no reason, why Liu Xiang is "7" to pay attention to "Laozi", alone? And Kong Yingda "Rather Justice" said that Mall is "Zhou Li Note", wants to save two readings, so that this article, since the Han, the beginning is noted.

Why is a book in the Western Han, note that it has been scattered under each sentence? "Tang Book, Liu Zi Chuan", called "Laozi" without the river, and wanted to be arbitrarily. Before this, Lu Deming as "classic interpretation", although the narrative is also said to the "Shenxian Biography", quite losing, and the book does not have to use this note. The two generations have a generation of convinced, and it is not necessary. Details of the word, mysterious haunter, the thirst is relying on 欤? It has been reported that there is also a lot of inventions, and it is auspeted to prepare an ear.

river is the old man, Dong Lai, Mr. Lu Zuqian, redecan,

, according to the four series, the film, the city, the city, the Tie Qian, the Song, the Song, the original, according to Wang Caistan The school "Laozi Moral" (China Book Office, August 1993) recorded the school, but the royal school did not record, only recorded in the statement. The bottom of the fate is this Song Ben. That is, the four series photograms are often mature, Tieqin, Tibet, Tibet, Song, Jian'an, is published. This inventory of the Central Plains contains Wang Yu Note to Tang Xuanzong, and the Wang's school is removed.


Guangming Ben, the first year of Tang Guangming engraved the Morality of Laozi, the original in Taizhou, Jiangsu, and then displaced Zhenjiang Jiaoshan Dinghui Temple.

Dunhuang Tang write this book, S477.

Dunhuang Tang write this, S4681, P2639. This is the same curly to tear it.

Dunhuang Tang Waitbook, S3926.

Dunhuang Tang write this book, Japan's four-day Wang Temple University Tibetan, Western Region Archeology Ranger Column.

Four Congya Photocopying.

Tianlu Ben, Tian Lu Lin Pu Fu Book Yaming Song Liu's engraved.

Tang Tree, Tang Tibet. Song Taizu.

Gu Ben, Tibetan Guardian Morality is coming.

Jin Jin, Tangzhong strong Syrics are really evil.

integral notebook, Tibetan morality is quocated, questions [Tang Minghuang, river, Wang Wei, Wang Fang (storing head) Note].

Liu Ben, Tibetan Liu Weiyong morality is really concentrated.

Fan Yingyuan, Fan Ying Yuanzi Morality is ancient episodes, and the renewal of the renewal series is Song Ben.

Take the collection, and the Tibetan Li Lin is really gathering.

Peng Yu Ben, Tibetan Pengyi Morality is really concentrated.

Chen Jingyuan, Tibetan Chen Jingyuan Moral Tibetan chaldess.

is critically owned, and Tang Tang has a morality of morality.

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