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North Korea Central News Agency (Korean: 조선 중앙 ; Korean Chinese Character Review: North Korea Central Communication; English: Korean Central News Agency; корейское центральное информационое агентство; Japanese: North Korean Central Communication; Spanish: Agencia Central de Noticias de Corea ), referred to as Commodity , North Korea Democratic People's Republic of China, on December 5, 1946, headquartered in Pyongyang, North Korea, in China, Russia, Cuba, India, Iran, Egypt, etc.

Communications Japanese Publication "North Korea Central Newsletter" and "North Korea Central Yearbook". In addition to using Korean, Pharaoh is also published in Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish.

North Korea Central News Agency is the only news agency in North Korea, providing news source for all media in the territory. Communication is the promotional unit of the Korean Labor Party and the Korean government.

Multilingual report

Dynasty Society has officially started writing, pictures, and video reports from Multi-language in December 1, 2011. It has opened up "domestic news", "South North Korea News, "North South Relations", "Foreign Relations" and other nearly 20 columns. Website content includes the relevant visits of North Korean leaders, North Korea's national health news, relevant news of overseas compatriots, and important international news. But there is no advertisement, there is no ad.

Except for textbooks, the pictures and video reports of the official website of the community are also updated. North Korea's highest leader Jin Zhengn inspected the army, factory, enterprise, etc. was placed in a prominent position, but there was no explanation of the drawing in the video report. The same period did not pass the translation of foreign languages ​​and Korean, just in the picture. Title and corresponding foreign subtitles.

Communications in its Chinese service has also reported the first day of China and the friendly exchange activities between China and China Dynasties. China commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911, North Korea's banquet celebrates the 62nd anniversary of the founding of New China, and the Chinese diplomat has also appeared in the important position of the website page in North Korea's participation in agriculture activities.

The content of the current website Chinese service is mainly responsible, and the Beijing press will provide it with China's report. Since its establishment in 1946, China has gradually established overseas branch in China, Russia, Cuba, India, Iran and Egypt, and resident a special reporter.

Dynasty Society has begun to establish an external website in 2011, currently serves Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese services. The Communications Society is referring to the 65th anniversary of its establishment, which is designed to strengthen the traditional friendly relations between China and China, which helps to enhance the Chinese people in the world to understand the North Korea.

On January 4, 2013, the new revision of the official website of North Korea Central News Agency is on the line. The page design is more distinct, a large number of pictures, the style is close to the Western mainstream website, and I have gone to attack the United States and South Korea on the previous website. .

The new version of the homepage is used to use red as a background, and the Spanish page is added to the original, Japanese, Korean, Russian, English. Some of the old version is that after choosing different languages, the page text changes accordingly, but the webpage style and layout remain unchanged.


News of North Korea Central News Agency generally includes the following:

1, former North Korean leader Jin Sun and Kim Jongr's hero deeds and Revolutionary journey;

2, North Korean leaders inspector or participate in important activities;

3, North Korea government and North Korean leaders on various international, domestic events;

4, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries for North Korea's hostile activities, especially military activities; refute the chairmanship and hostile remarks.

5, calling on the Korean Peninsula under the leadership of the North Korean government to achieve unified unity;

6, North Korea's military, economic and social construction achievements;

7, Each friendly country and international friends in North Korea's visit;

8, the Korean government and its leaders have been widely supported and supported internationally, and internationally friendly activities.


Jin Zheng En Guide "Mars-14" Intercontinental Rockets Second Time Try to Speak

Pharma Pyongyang On July 29th, electricity at the Ministry of North Korea, the Committee of the State Council, the highest commander of the People's Army

North Korea Central News Agency

Jin Zheng En , the main body 106 (2017) July 28th, "Mars-14 "Intercontinental ballistic rocket twice successfully."

Supreme Leaders Jin Zheng En visited the launch site to guide the "Mars-14" Intercontinental Ballurus Rocket for the second test.

With extraordinary military wisdom, big fearless courage and flexible intelligence, beyond the expectations of the world, always create a repeated war-around miracle and victory Jin Zheng En to the Rocket Research Department The battle task requires the simulation of "Mars-14" Intercontinental Ballurus Rocket Maximum Range in the short term to confirm the reliability of the entire rocket system again.

The bloody loyalty of the Korean Labor Party-National Defense Science and Technology Worker is the absolute trust of the party, and the leader is thinking about his thoughts, breathing, and unifying, a drum will occupy any fortress. They made a special struggle with a strong and powerful confidence in the world's strategic nuclear power, and completed the second test preparation of Intercontinental Ballurus Rockets in advance.

Jin Zheng En During the second test preparation, he heard the relevant reports every day, carefully made an advice, and launched the test site on the evening.

The purpose of this test is to finally verify the technical characteristics of the largest range of "Mars-14" Intercontinental Rockets, which can carry large weight core warheads.

Jin Zheng En One of the "Mars-14" intercontinental rockets filled with heroic Korean powerful power, and the night scene is rising.

"Mars-14" Intercontinental Ballurus launches in North Korea, up to 3724.9 km, flying 998 kilometers, 47 minutes and 12 seconds, correctly falling to the goal of the high seas .

This test assumes the maximum range, performs any negative impact on the safety of the surrounding countries with the maximum high-angle launch mode.

Intercontinental Ballurus Rockets once again confirmed the characteristics of the separated launcher confirmed in the first test, the multi-stage rocket arrow separation characteristics, structural system characteristics, confirmed in the active zone Section is the engine work characteristics and the correctness and reliability of the improved guidance and stabilization system; re-verify the posture feature characteristics of the combat portion in the middle section of the combat part, confirmed the battle The re-entry at the high-angular launch method in the actual maximum range of range is also properly guided and posture, maintaining structural stability under high temperature conditions of thousands of degrees Celsius, and the nuclear warhead explosive device is working properly.

Jin Zheng En "Mars-14" intercontinental rocket of "Mars-14"-type Intercontinory Rockets without a little deviation expressed great satisfaction, and highly evaluated Rocket Research Department Scientific and technological workers and cadres, but also special thanks to the name of the Party Central Committee.

Jin Zheng En Pride said that this test reconfirmed the reliability of Intercontinental ballistic rocket system, showing the ability to suddenly launch Intercontinental Turning Rockets at any area and places. And clearly prove that the entire US native is within the range of North Korea.

Jin Zheng En , today we specially conduct intercontinental ballistic rocket maximum range simulation tests, in order to issue a strict warning to the United States who have lost rationally lectoms. This extent should be sufficient to make a clear understanding of the US decision-making that if it is violently violated North Korea, the US invaders will not be safe.

Jin Zheng En said that the United States is more awake and excipient for North Korea's light good battles and extreme sanctions threatens, and increases the name of the nuclear weapon. Due to the US imperialist beast, the Korean people have experienced cruel war in this territory. Therefore, it is an inevitable strategic choice for the national defense and has a strong war. It is no power to reverse, and any precious strategic assets cannot be exchanged.

Jin Zhengn emphasizes that if the United States ignores the repetitive warning of North Korea, revealing the stink in this territory, confused, and we will use it so far. The nuclear strategic power that is displayed one by one is a good lesson.

Jin Zheng En Congratulations to successfully held the second test of "Mars-14" Intercontinory Ballistic Rockets, once again show the main country, the autonomous dignity of the World Rockets and the Weiyi Research Rocket Sector Science and Technology Workers and Cadres, and take a photo with them.

Under the North Korean Labor Party and enter the route of the road, the Korean, which is going to go to the country will will make the United States and their follow-up power, more development and improvement to the world to fully displays the main body. North Korea's strong strategic weapon, subject weapon, the main weapon, and the anti-Division of anti-United States to win the final victory in anti-Division.

Li Bingzhe, Jin Shengqian, Jin Zhengzheng, Zhang Changhe, full day, Liu Jin, Zhao Yongyuan gathers the test. (End)


new revision

January 4, 2013, the new revision of the Korean Central News Agency website. This revision can be described as a new, appearance and function closer to the mainstream website of Western countries: Main columns topping, important news headings, news according to the column partition, "latest pictures" and "latest video" at the bottom of the homepage.

Homepage with North Korea flag - red, blue is a tone, put the picture news top, appears in the form of a map, intuitive look. The news content of the map covers North Korea's political, economic, cultural, science and technology, education health, sports, literary art, and North Korea international relationships. It is worth mentioning that the position of the map is designed to dynamic pictures: the Korean revolutionary Holy Land - Baise Mountain Tianchi flutters the North Korean flag, "2012" appears, highlighting the Korean people in 2012 "to open strong grand country The door is proud of the achievements of this year.

New website (2 photos)

Communications official website includes 4 foreign languages ​​including China, Ying, West, Japan. The intermediate part of the home page is divided into two large segments. The left sector is in the order of from the top to: "Jin Zheng En Revolutionary Activity", "Dynasty Relations", "Main News", "North Korean Peninsula Peace" 4 The right sector is in turn: "The first anniversary of the death of the Qing Dynasty", "Social - Life", "Travel Places", "Link" 4 topics. Among them, the "link" topic includes: "Our Nationality", "Labor News", "Voice of North Korea", "My Motherland" 4 North Korean website. The top page is placed is scrolling pictures and scrolling video.

According to a North Korean problem, the Communications Society website will be a competition with South Korea, which is the same as the national news agency. "The outside world will soon be seriously compared to two websites."

Old-Edition website, there is Jin Sunset , Kim Jongli , Jin Zheng En navigation bar, and the slogan of South Korea

homepage above the top page originally set up Kim Jian, Jin Zhengsi, Jin Zheng Navigation bars, including "Jin Zhenghe Revolutionary Activities", "Kim Jongr Revolutionary Activities", "Jin Jian Cheng", "Kim Jongri Cuisine," Golden Japanese Recall "a total of 5 sections.

The new version cancels this navigation bar. The news area is the topic "Jin Zheng En Revolution" topic, the right side retains the first anniversary of the death of Jin Jongsi, the homepage is not Jin Yicheng special report set.

The slogan of the old version of the old version of the old version of the old version of the website's slogan

Old homepage will often attack the slogan of the United States and South Korea, the slogan position and content occasional changes, such as July 2012 slogans appear in navigation Belgoing below, use the black body: "Break away Li Mingbo's gas", "giving the Li Mingbo Consolidation Group with a violent revenge", etc., the slogan of November appeared below the news: "US Emperor and Li Mingbo Neighborhood Group does not act rashly "."

There is currently no such settings in the new home page, but may also re-join in a certain period in the future.

and recent The layout has changed again, and the form is the main form of text, and the column in the upper right corner is also replaced with the hot news of the time with the date. For example, this picture is a screenshot before July 27, it is " Celebrate the winning section ".

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