Neutron state

Definition of neutron state

This is called "neutron state". This form is mostly in a star called "neutron star", which is generally caused by the quality of 10 times to 29 times the quality of the sun.

Form type

It is well known that the substance has

solid state (such as ice, gold, silver, etc.)

liquid (such as water, mercury

gaseous (such as air, water vapor, etc.)

three states, in fact, in addition to these three states, there is

plasma state (very light , Arc, etc.)

plasma state is a state in which the universe is generally existed, such as the interior of the stars, almost a plasma state.

In addition to these, there are not common

glass-oriented loveshan condensation state

Fermi cohesive state

super Solid state

Neutron state


super flow



Ultra-solid such as white dwarf. Super solid state is that atoms and atomic cores are crowded together, and the material density is higher than that of normal substances.

and neutral states are higher than the super solid-state density. When the super solid state is increased, the neutron (electron mass angio) The mass is equal to the mass of neutron, and the electron with negatively charged protrudes are not powered after positive and electrical binding, becoming neutron) , so the original atom has become neutron, neutron and neutron Press together, the density is 96,000 times higher than the super solid state.

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