National Super Computing Shenzhen Center

Center Introduction

The host system developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology, Dawning Information Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Manufacturing, May 2010 period measured to confirm the World Organization super computer, computing speed up 1,271,000,000,000,000 times per second (peak 3000000000000000 times), ranked second in the world, the project is a national 863 plan, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen City of major projects.

Shenzhen Supercomputer Department of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of enterprise management institutions, under: System Operations Department, research development, technical cooperation department, administration department, professional technical and management personnel 90% with a master's or doctoral degree, most have studied abroad.

Shenzhen Supercomputer based in Shenzhen, facing the country, serving southern China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, will undertake a variety of large-scale scientific computing and engineering computing tasks, while its powerful data processing and storage the ability for the community to provide cloud computing services, will build a full-featured, platform-rich, energy efficient, world-class high-performance computing research and development centers and cloud computing service center.


Shenzhen Super Computer provides powerful computing resources for enterprises and scientific research institutions, major issues or support research and development collaboration.

COVER FIELD: structural strength, dynamics and kinematics, collision safety, fluid mechanics engineering calculations, computational physics, computational chemistry, geophysics, biology, meteorology, medicine, logistics optimization.

Expert Team

The center provides comprehensive engineering simulation and consulting services, including: structural strength analysis, multi-body dynamics simulation, computational fluid dynamics analysis, electromagnetic analysis, logistics optimization, enterprise-level simulation processes and data management systems. At the same time carry out a variety of collaborative research in the field of scientific computing.

Basic environmental

Shenzhen dawn of 6000 supercomputer supercomputing system by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the joint development of the dawn, the system as a whole measured peak computing power of 1.271 quadrillion floating-point operations (1.271PFLOPS). On November 16, 2011 put into operation.

in order to facilitate the management and use, Dawn 6000 supercomputer HPC area is divided into five logical partitions, each partition of scientific computing (GK), engineering calculations partition (GG), Life Sciences calculated (GS) , fat node partitions (Fn) is calculated, and Godson partition (Lx). Wherein GK, GG, GS partition each computing node Intel5650 by two six-core processors, 2.66GHz clock speed, memory, and a configuration 24GBDDR3 Nvidia C2050 GPGPU card, a local 2.5 SAS hard disk, a QDRIB daughter card. Fat node partition (Fn) with Ge total 128 4 A840 SMP computing nodes, each computing node with Ge four eight-core processing AMD 6136, clocked at 2.4GHz, memory 128GB. Godson partition (Lx) a total of 320 with Ge Godson nodes, each one with Ge AMD64 and eight dual-core CPU processor Godson, 20G memory, a DDRIB card. Dawning 6000 supercomputer host storage system is divided into two types: local disk each computing node equipped; high-speed parallel file system created by the storage node. Wherein the non-ordinary users local hard disk, the operating system only computing node, for all users should operate in the corresponding account $ HOME ($ HOME position where the high-speed Ge parallel file system), a user logs on, It will automatically be directed to your account $ HOME below. Given the limited consideration of storage space and data security, users must download the results file timely and clear space. The user can use to log into the VPN node, the node is mainly used for logon to log supercomputing network, using LSF job scheduling system to submit jobs to prohibit upload and download in the login node running the program, and compile data.

software environment

1. OS

National Super Computing Shenzhen Center

compute nodes and the front end of the access node operating system is 64 bit SuSE Linux EnterpriseServer (SLES) 11SP1, provided standard 64-bit Linux operating system environments. Users familiar with the appropriate requires prior basic Linux command line, file directory operations in particular, and to the use of a skilled editor (vi emacs or the like). 2. The job scheduling system large-scale supercomputing systems, in order to effectively utilize the computing power provided by a number of processor cores, need to have a job management system, all kinds of computing tasks uniformly with user interaction, receiving submissions, the rational allocation of computing resources, the user is assigned the job to a specific node execution, the user, do not care about the calculation carried out specifically where the system will automatically be scheduled in accordance with the principle of optimization, which is not only convenient for users to use, but also improves the utilization of the whole system Rate. Job management system is one of the most important of the entire supercomputer software environment, job management systems currently in use in the dawn of 6000 supercomputer is the Platform's LSF (LoadSharing Facility) Job Management System. 3. compilers and parallel implementation Dawning 6000 host system supports two kinds of OpenMP and MPI parallel. OpenMP is a shared memory, only in a parallel computing nodes, the maximum number of threads can not exceed the number of processor cores of the node (GS / GG / GK partition 12, Fn partition 32). MPI is a distributed memory parallel computing jobs can be performed on one or several nodes, the maximum number of processes only by the CPU limit the total number of user accounts that can be invoked. Currently MPI common support InfiniBand network implementation is MVAPICH / MVAPICH2 and OpenMPI. 4. math library open source programs often have to call a large number of mathematical functions carried out various calculations, accumulated over a long period, there have been some of the more mature standardized math library, one of the most common such as BLAS linear algebra, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK and fast Fourier transform (FFT) and so on.


"Super Computer Center" computing capacity of over 200,000 computers

What is Supercomputing Center? Shenzhen and relevant ministries together to build this Shenzhen super computer Center, exactly what "super action"? experts said the preparation of the national supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, compared with the general computer, amazing computing power will exceed the computing capacity of 200,000 units a regular laptop.

According to the Municipal Bureau of Trade and Industry Committee concerned parties, Supercomputing Center is a super computer-based, research-oriented national economy, social development, high-tech industries and other outstanding issues and core technology, is focusing on the quasi solve large and complex issue of ordinary computers and servers can not be completed and the construction of early computing center relative terms, it has been a huge leap in computing power can be applied fields and usage patterns are more greatly expand. Supercomputing Center is built on sufficient scientific and technological innovation and application on the basis of demand, is a concrete manifestation of independent innovation capability and competitiveness of countries and regions.

"Super Computer Center" amazing computing power, such as: 30 years, 20 years of meteorological data required by an ordinary computer analysis, the use of this petaflop supercomputer just one hour; use an ordinary computer needs a year to complete a car crash simulations, while the supercomputer in less than 15 minutes to complete. Supercomputer: used with new energy, new materials, natural disasters, weather forecasting, geological exploration, simulation industry, drug development, animation production, gene sequencing, urban planning, and so on.

"Super Computer Center" for human development are also important irreplaceable role, such as whether the field of air pollution will affect Shenzhen? Indonesia's tsunami have any effect on the Pearl River Delta? Etc. These can be super computer to find the answer. In addition, the grid computing technology for Supercomputing Applications can share computing power and data storage capacity over the Internet.

National Development and Reform Commission held a national innovation capacity-building and national information technology awards ceremony awarding pilot

e-commerce model city Shenzhen won the Award

yesterday afternoon, the National Development reform Commission held a national capacity-building and national information technology innovation pilot awarding awards ceremony at the convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen won my country's first e-commerce model city Award.

awarding the awards ceremony yesterday on my country's first e-commerce model city of Shenzhen Electronics sixteenth batch of 83 National Enterprise Technology Center, 51 new national engineering laboratory, where 26 countries joint Research Center, 18 national local joint Engineering laboratory, 106 national information technology pilot project awarding, to obtain 50 units of the national enterprise technology Center Achievement Award, 93 national innovation capacity building of advanced workers individuals in recognition. The awarding of the project mainly involves four aspects: First, to strengthen the independent innovation of organizational system, promote technological innovation to enhance the ability to identify new National Enterprise Technology Center; the second is to improve the national technology innovation system, the establishment of test systems industrial core technology, the new approved the establishment of the national Engineering laboratory; the third is to promote the improvement of the regional innovation system, support and promote sound and rapid economic development of local, national and local NDRC joint projects related to the construction of the provincial joint research centers and joint engineering laboratory; fourth is to foster a new model of information services and explore new mechanisms for cooperation between government and enterprises, the national pilot project implementation and Shenzhen to build national e-commerce model city.

"City Court for cooperation" between the Chinese Academy of Sciences re breakthroughs and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Yesterday afternoon, the highest in the world, computing power will reach petaflops per second, "National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen," the launching ceremony was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that the center of the preparatory work has been completed, construction will be put into operation during the fair next year.

As Shenzhen's largest national major scientific and technological infrastructure Jianshiyilai, "Super Computer Center" by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Shenzhen Municipal Government to build. Supercomputer center location Xili Shenzhen University City, planned land 25,000 square meters, with total investment of 800 million yuan, of which the State invested 200 million yuan, the Shenzhen Municipal Government supporting the investment of about 600 million yuan. The high-performance computing center for the promotion of our country and Shenzhen to enhance the capability of independent innovation and international competitiveness, will play an important "propeller" effect.

Chinese Academy of Sciences SHI Er-Wei, director of the Ministry of Science high-tech industry Fung Kee Chun, Guangdong Provincial Committee, Shenzhen Party Secretary Liu Pu, Guangdong Provincial Committee, Acting Mayor of Shenzhen Wang Rong, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Committee, Deputy Mayor Xu Qin attended the ceremony, the city government Secretary-General Li presided over the ceremony.

It is reported that my country attaches great importance to the construction of the relevant ministries Shenzhen Super Computer Center, and the Center has been building included in the "Development and Reform Planning for Pearl River Delta region." Guangdong provincial government and the Shenzhen municipal government put more Supercomputer Center building, as one important measure to implement the "Shenzhen comprehensive reform overall plan", requiring the full support of the preparatory work Supercomputer Center departments. After more than a year of preparatory work, Super Computer Center is now complete geological exploration, environmental assessment and program design work will be put into operation during the fair next year.

National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, the back is based on the huge demand for supercomputing in Shenzhen in southern China. According to reports, the South China region as my country's most economically developed and the active region of a total economic output accounts for one sixth of the country. Currently, South China in the industrial, research and public services for high-performance computing demand is very strong. According to the 2008 survey results show that in southern China for high-performance computing total peak demand of more than 16 trillion, of which Shenzhen has over 800 trillion times the computing needs, in addition to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia also has more than 30 billion computing needs. Construction Super Computer Center in Shenzhen, the South China will make up a strong long-term performance computing infrastructure weak "short board", and Shenzhen to become an innovative city-building "super booster."

Wang Rong behalf of the Shenzhen municipal government of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other national authorities have long given strong support Shenzhen, expressed heartfelt thanks. He said that to speed up the development of a new generation of supercomputers in the world advanced theories and methods of calculation, floating-point operations per second capacity ultra-petaflop is a major deployment of my country's science and technology strategy for improving our supercomputer developed, and enhance the country in core competencies and other advanced technology areas, are of great significance. National Supercomputing Center project located in Shenzhen, is a great historical mission entrusted by the state in Shenzhen, Shenzhen will effectively promote the pace of construction of national innovation-oriented city, and directly enhance the overall strength of science and technology in South China, the national science and technology innovation to optimize the layout of nation-building have a profound impact. Shenzhen municipal government attaches great importance to the construction of the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, the high-level, high standards and provide a variety of conditions, policies, funding and infrastructure support for the project, go all the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen and building management well, well operations, and strive to the national supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, Shenzhen to fight another important innovation in the new city card and shiny, and make greater contributions to building an innovative country.

Today, the Supercomputing Center has on 10 April put into tension during construction, Shenzhen, rendering it a major national emergency projects, and supervise construction unit 24 hours of construction work, other government departments fully cooperate so that the center put into use as soon as possible, so as to serve the community.

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