Nanjing Microstructure National Laboratory


Nanjing Micro-Structure National Laboratory is the primary laboratory of two national key laboratories in solid microstructure physics and coordination of Nanjing University, combined with nanotechnology Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory and Optoelectronic Information Functional Materials Jiangsu Province Key Laboratory and other related research bases of backbone research power, absorption and integration of Nanjing University Condensation physics, theoretical physics, inorganic chemistry, physics, polymer physics and chemistry, microelectronics, and solid electronics, radio Seven national key disciplines such as physics and 11 doctoral subjects such as optical, material physics and material chemistry, organic chemistry, with multi-disciplinary intersection, have become the microstructure scientific platform established by scientific research advantages.

Research Content

As the main research base of the "Major Scientific Research Program" Quantum Regulation Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the positioning of Nanjing Microstructure National Laboratory is regulated in microstructure science and quantum. Molecular engineering, etc. is the basic research and application basic research of cross-disciplines such as physics, chemistry, materials science and electronic science, with the international frontier, national needs, own accumulation, and discipline crosssets. Concentrate, bring together the strength and resources of the parties of the society, and gradually construct a high-level scientific research, high-level experimental research platform, forming high-quality scientific and technical teams, has large scale, interchange, talents, management innovation, flow Open international first-class laboratory.

Nanjing Microstructure National Laboratory

Currently, the main research contents of the laboratory are the following seven directions:

1, artificial microstructure Physics and Engineering

2, quantum regulation

3, molecular base light-conducting function

4, super molecule and nanostructure and its device

5, soft material structure and function

6, microstructure material design and theory calculation

7, based on microstructured high-tech and its application.


In the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Province, Tang Zhongying Foundation, especially the "985 Project" of Nanjing University, currently support, currently, national experiment The room has a 42,000-square-meter experimental building; a large number of high-precision, an instrument and equipment with contemporary advanced levels; an age, subject and academic structure matching, research, experimental technology and management personnel equipped with a perfect high-level scientific research talent echelon There are 12 academicians, 20 Yangtze River Program, 26 national outstanding young fund winners, 10 overseas, outstanding Youth Fund (B), 4 national Natural Science Foundation of China, 4 Excellent Innovative Research Groups, Ministry of Education Innovative Research Group 2. Since 2002, the relevant members of the National Laboratory have received the second prize of National Natural Sciences, and I have received 1 national natural science first prize in 2006. The laboratory is currently hosting 5 national major scientific research programs, 5 items in 973 projects. At the same time, he hosted 24 items in the 973 plan, 14 863 planning topics, and 1 ministerial level of the Ministry of Education, 23 major, key funds, have already have the foundation of international highest academic level in the relevant field.

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