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"Military Electronic E-Computer" content is: Currently, the world is carrying out a new military change. Informatization is the essence and core of this new military transformation. The necessary conditions for realizing the informationization of weapons are high, highly reliable military electronic components. In order to accelerate the development of my country's military electronic components, it promotes the process of informationization of weapons and equipment, and this book is written. "Military electronic components" can provide reference for administrators who are engaged in weapons and equipment development, which is conducive to understanding military electronic components and their applications; providing technical reference for the application of electronic components for the development of the weapons and equipment systems, to facilitate better Using domestic metals.

The whole book is divided into 9 articles, according to large military electronic components such as microelectronic devices, microelectronic machinery, optoelectronic devices, vacuum electronic devices, chemical and physical power supplies, electromechanical components and general components, special Components and other respectively as one. For components of each category, it is divided into a specifier as a specification, and the basic working principle of various components, the main technical parameters, and the main application areas; to deepen the reader's understanding of components for components, for various types The basic manufacturing process of components has also been specially introduced; the main support technology materials, equipment and package housings and reliability technology are also introduced as an independent chapter; the development trend and direction of military electronic components Predict.

Book catalog

1st microelectronics

Chapter 1 silicon digital integrated circuit

Chapter 2 silicon simulation / mixing Signal integrated circuit

Chapter 3 microwave millimeter wave device and circuit

Chapter 4 arsenide super high speed integrated circuit

Chapter 5 width to disable semiconductor Device and Circuits

Chapter 6 Power Semiconductor Devices and Power Integrated Circuits

Chapter 7 Hybrid Integrated Circuits and Multi-Chip Components

Chapter 8 Anti-Radiation Device And circuit

Chapter 9 on the system

Chapter 10 Microelectronics

Second Microelectronics Machinery System

Third Electronic components

4th military vacuum electronic device

fifth chemistry and physical power supply

Sixth special component

< P> Seventh electromechanical components and general components

eighth support technology

ninth quality and reliability


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