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Victory completion

On May 26, 2018, in the Anda City, Heilongjiang Province, the deep scientific drilling project of the Songliao Basin Continental, Xi Songko Erjing exceeded the scheduled goal, victory completed. The results of the overall reached the international advanced level, reached the international advanced level in terms of paleoclimate study of the deep drilling technology and Cretaceous continental.


Take the heartwell section: 1086-1147m, 1182-1256m, 2863-7018m.

Care effect: Take the heart to plan 4279m, obtain 4135m of the core, 96.6% of the core admission rate.

Take the heart diameter: 1, φ311mm caliber to take heart drilling, get φ214mm core, single-return highest over 30m;

2, φ216mm caliber to drill, get φ124mm core The highest over 41m;

3, the φ152mm caliber is drilled, and the φ92mm core is obtained, and the highest number of 33m is higher.

Complete well body structure

Songko Erjing five open well

open: φ660.4mm, drilling to 440.96m;

2 opening: φ444.5mm, drilling into 2806.20m;

three open: φ311.0mm, drilling into 4528.90m;

four open: φ216.0mm, Drilling into 5911.10m;

five open: φ152.0mm, drill into 7018.00m;

Major breakthrough

First, the deep drilling technology is created The world record has achieved two major breakthroughs. Created a 311 mm large diameter continuously, and three different caliber returned to the longest four world records. In the world, we have developed and successfully applied a large number of techniques. Joint China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) successfully develop anti-high-temperature drilling technology to create a new record of drilling under the highest temperature (241 ° C) conditions.

The second is to discover the prospects of the two types of shale gas and geothermal energy in the Songliao Basin have good exploration and development prospects. The shale gas detection is 43 floors in the deep fault of the Basin and the Fur Ridge group (3350 meters deep) formation, the cumulative thickness is 102 meters, and methane accounts for 86% of the average content of the whole hydrocarbon component. The high-temperature dry hot rock mass of 150 ° C-240 ° C was found in the well depth of 4400 m - 7018 meters and 2 layers of high radioactive element uranium abnormal formation.

Third, won three important Cretaceous terrestrial paleoclimate evidence of evolution. For the first time, I realized the finest portrait of Cretaceous (14.5 billion to 2006 million years), and the first reconstruction of the Cretaceous Lands and 100,000 years from the first time. The history of climate evolution, found that the large-scale volcanic explosion of carbon dioxide caused an important information of dramatic fluctuations in Lu Xiang climate.

four is a major progress of the basic geological study. It established a standard profile of the Lan Lace Basin Layer Standard - "Golden Pillars", built a new year-in-two-way convergence of the basin, the late expansion of the inversion, the new mechanism of the earthquake, proposed a multi-period organic matter, which has caused the organic matter in the basin. New understanding.

Main Participation Units

Songko Erjing Project Relying on the Office of China Geological Survey Technology Research Institute, mainly responsible for project plan, organizational implementation and management, etc., mainly including drilling process, coring technique, broken rock tools, downhole drill motor, drill string high strength, high temperature mud system development and the like. Main Participation Units: China Geological Sciences Earth Detection Center, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Jilin University, China Geological Survey, Shenyang Geological Survey Center, Physical Data Center, Oil and Gas Resources Survey Center, Geology, Exploration Technology Institute, Exploration Engineering Institute, Chengdu University of Technology. Honghua Oil Engineering Technology Service (Sichuan) Co., Ltd., China Petroleum Group Bohai Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd., Daqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. Geological Co., Ltd. Tangshan Jinshi Superharm Material Co., Ltd., Sinopec Zhongyuan Oilfield Engineering Co., Ltd.

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