Mathematics annual issue

Magazine Introduction

for teachers in colleges, graduate students, and high school students in mathematics, applied mathematics researchers and other mathematicians. "Annals of Mathematics" in English when quarterly founded in March 1980, since 1983, points A, B two series, Series A which is the Chinese bimonthly; English Quarterly Series B, A, B two series of non-repetition. Since 1988, Series A portion of the manuscript in English translates to "Chinese Journal of Contemporary Mathematics" ( "China Contemporary Mathematics") in the title, by the United States Allerton publishing companies in the United States issued four times a year .


national "double hundred" Journal

"Annals of Mathematics" Series A nearly ten times was named Shanghai, the country's Ministry of Education and outstanding scientific and technical journals, and was included in our core journals Science and Technology.

Instructions to authors

1, the processing of the publication of the manuscript is currently responsible for the implementation of the editorial board (recommended) system. Please send a duplicate contributions having the same field of study or editorial sent directly edit portions (each of Editorial Board research, communication address, and E-mail will be available on a first per year). Refundable contributions, please retention papers.

2, refining and strive to enrich the content of the manuscript, the expression is correct. Manuscripts need to be affiliated to the English summary of each one, in which the Chinese word summary of no more than 200 words, in English synopsis not more than 800 printed characters. And provides 3-5, the English keyword, the 2000 US "Mathematical Reviews" theme CLC and CLC Chinese books and materials.

3, manuscripts please provide as computer printout, the use of simplified Chinese characters should be officially announced prevail. English feed, requirements grammatically correct, in line with common expressions in English. The author's name all the former name after name.

Once the articles are hired, press "Annals of Mathematics," A-Series format, providing the floppy disk printing the document using the text files as CCT or transmitted to the editing unit by E-mail.

4, all references herein after appended separate sheets, and press the number cited in the text sequence. Information unpublished Do not quote.

The format of the following documents:

[ID] OF (Family name), title of the article, journal name (may be abbreviated English), volume number: periods (years), page .

[ID] OF (Family name), title, publication, publishers, year.

[ID] Author (last name first), title, name of Proceedings, editor (ed) (Multi-editor with eds), place of publication, publisher, year, page number.

5, after a review of manuscripts, if necessary, may request the author to modify, compress streamlined. Editorial department reserves the right to make appropriate contributions editorial changes.

6, no publication has been published in published articles, do a draft two cast. Editorial department will inform the author whether to hire after receiving hearing the views of the manuscript. After the manuscript accepted, authors will be asked to sign a copyright transfer and publishing contracts. After the manuscript was published, giving the authors of the journal reprints and 30 parts of one. Articles No submission fee and publication fee, without paying royalties. English transfer board paper on "China Contemporary Mathematics" and, where appropriate, pay the appropriate translation fees, and presented authors and the journal reprints 20 parts 1.

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