Marine civilization

History origin

The origin of life has always been a topic of scientists research, from now on research results, it is generally believed that life originated from the ocean. Water is an important component of life activities, and the shelter of seawater can effectively prevent ultraviolet line from killing life. About 45 billion years ago, the earth formed. Around 3.8 billion years ago, when the Earth was a barren land, the roar of the ocean began to nurture life - the most primitive cells, and its structure is very similar to modern bacteria. Approximately 100 million evolutions, the original cells in the ocean gradually evolved into raw monochaculin, which is probably the most primitive life. Due to the propagation of the original algae, oxygen and carbon dioxide were produced, and the conditions were prepared for the evolution of life. This original single-cell algae has experienced the evolution of hundreds of millions of years, producing primitive jellyfish, cotton, clover, parrot, clams, coral, etc., the fish in the ocean is about 400 million years ago. .

The ocean is the cradle of life. It provides conditions for the birth and reproduction of life; the ocean is the hometown of wind and rain, it plays an important role in controlling and regulating global climate; the ocean is the protection of resources It provides people with rich food and infinite resources; the ocean is the main road of transportation. It provides people from maritime transportation, providing economic convenient transportation; the ocean is the base of modern high-tech research and development, it is People explore natural mystery and develop high-tech industries.

Ocean civilization is a social culture that has ahead of human development in human development. Civilization, the explanation of "resignation" is: "Refers to the state of human social progress, relative to 'barbarism." And broad cultural concept refers to everything created by human society, including utensils, institutions, and spiritual culture. Specifically, sea boat, navigation, the myth, customs and marine sciences of the ocean are ocean culture. Marine culture has a great difference between marine civilization. The two basic characteristics of marine civilization are: First, it is necessary to lead the development of human society. Second, this lead must lead to marine culture, not other cultures. That is to say, marine civilization refers to the culture of leading human social development in humans.

However, near the ocean, there is no other marine civilization. Even with more developed marine culture, it is not necessarily marine civilization. Ancient Egypt is close to the ocean, but its civilization is mainly due to the Nile civilization. Cuban Baron is also close to the ocean, but it is mainly due to the civilization of the two rivers. China has a long coastline, but also created a rich marine culture, but is not really ocean civilization, but typical of the Yellow River civilization, that the river civilization.

In the world, it is really a representative country that is marine civilization is ancient Greece. Later, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, the United States, in the strict sense do not have a representative of the National Oceanic civilization. They are in the same amount of oceanism, although there is also a brilliant marine culture, but does not have a representative marine civilization. The rigid conditions of marine civilization: First, the society must be open; second, it must be an ancient civilization; the third is that all kinds of civilization can be converted to each other; four is mild humanized, not true colonial expansion and The occupation of imperialism; five is a systematic achievement in political, economic, cultural, ideological, and art and the myths related to the ocean, and the means of marine voyage. Original China can have the conditions of marine civilization, but the ocean civilization is not continuous. So ancient Greece is the most representative.

Ancient Greece is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean. Its geographical range is centered on the Greek Peninsula, including the Aegean Isles, the western coast of Little Asia and the south of Italy and Sicily. Its natural geographical conditions are mountainous hairy sea, rugged, only several small plains, but more to Guanshan. The land is not suitable for planting grain crops, and is suitable for planting grapes and olives. Coastal, island debris. Seas have rich resources.

Marine civilization

Ancient Greek climate is purely in the Mediterranean climate, gentle and pleasant. Special geographical conditions, the ancient Greek economy, politics, and culture has made a decisive impact. Guanshan blocked by a small piece of plain, creating a typical "small country with few people in the city", the ancient Greeks also decided only to maintain its survival and development through to commercial trade, and this trade is the only overseas trade, which in turn determines The national characteristics of the leading position of ancient Greek industrial and commercial navigation.

Ancient Greek Commercial Navigation Trade Followed the business behavior of "equal exchange" as the principle. In addition, the development of commercial trade requires freedom, and then promotes the formation of ancient Greeks "equal concept" and the establishment of democratic politics. The ancient Greek "small country's city" consciousness, once the population is not able to load, ancient Greeks will expand overseas, carry out frequent navigation trade activities. The navigation makes ancient Greeks to develop a national personality that is brave enough to make. Created the pioneering and sorry national spirit, and also created brilliant marine culture and made Greece a banner and cradle of Western civilization. All of this is closely related to the natural geography of ancient Greece, the living environment.

Ancient Greece Ocean Civilization, in fact, a new marine civilization developed after a combination of ancient Western civilizations, which has far-reaching in the future development of the Mediterranean region and the whole world history. Influence, specifically in terms of political, economic, cultural, ideological, art, myths, and nautical technology and means.

Basic Features

According to the broad cultural concept, culture is all created by human society, including utensil culture, institutional culture, and spiritual culture. People have been dealing with the ocean from afro hours, created material culture and spiritual culture related to the ocean, which is the ocean culture, which is the creation of humanity and the ocean, including equipment and spiritual creation. Specifically, sea boat, navigation, the myth, customs and marine sciences of the ocean are ocean culture. The marine culture used herein refers to the concept of having such connotation and extension.

civilization, according to the explanation of "海": "Refers to the state of human social progress, relative to 'barbarism." The abroad also has this similar definition. (1) This paper takes this definition of civilization, making such a definition of marine civilization: marine civilization is the main inheritance of marine culture in human history and leading to humanity in economic development, social system, ideas, spirit and artistic fields. Development of social culture. Therefore, a kind of marine civilization can be called ocean civilization. First, it is necessary to lead the development of human society. Second, this lead is mainly due to marine culture, and the two are unable. From such a kind of idea, we must first determine the first marine civilization in human history, analyze the characteristics of such civilization. According to these characteristics, we will find the development of marine civilization, and finally summarize the fundamental characteristics and advantages of marine civilization. We have a new height and new starting point for the awareness of marine culture and marine civilization.

Can test history

Examination of human beings have the history of test, according to the above standard requirements, the first marine civilization with sufficient historical materials is an ancient Greek civilization. The marine culture and the river culture are easier to confuse, and the marine civilization is also the characteristics and differences between the Dahe civilization. By comparing us:

1. Ocean civilization has its openness, and the big river civilization is closed.

2. Representatives of marine civilization are ancient Greece, and the representative of Dahe civilization is ancient China, and they are all civilized ancient countries.

3. The ocean civilization and the big river civilization are very old.

4. In certain cases, the two civilizations can be transformed with each other.

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