Macau Civil Administration Building

IACM Building synonyms generally refers to the Macao Civic and Municipal Affairs Building


Senado building has been attached to a number of organizations, including Camoes Museum, Museum of letters, courts and prisons, after all move out.

January 1, 2002, the Macao Civic and Municipal Affairs was established to replace the Macao municipal institutions, building name was changed to "Leal Senado Building."

the right side of the building is underground exhibition hall, regularly organize various art exhibitions; the second floor of the front seat conference hall, municipal council Macau over the years, and even today HAD public meetings and correspondent conference, will be in held here. The second floor of the back seat of the Northwest has a public library, is a Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau jurisdiction.

Building, second floor has a public library, opened in 1929, with Portugal Ma Fula monastery library (Biblioteca do Convento de Mafra) blueprint for the design, decoration and furnishings have thick classical flavor. Foreign specialized collections of ancient 17th century to the 1950s, especially in historical documents in Portuguese Africa and the Far East, many of them treasures. In addition, the rear of the building there is a Portuguese garden, there is a celestial globe-shaped flower garden, as well as Portuguese poet Camoes bust.

The original building facade Macau City emblem, Portuguese and Chinese Leal Senado "town hall" and other words, due to political factors, after being covered in the regression. After

put HKSAR emblem, size and proportion of the regional emblem gable also the original emblem of the city area contrast is rather high, and therefore has been criticized as inconsistent with prudent facade. Also criticized for excessive "political correctness", while ignoring the historical reality.

Every time Christmas comes, the Home Department, the building will be very beautiful decorative lighting, of course, is no exception Senado Square, which makes this Southern European style has become very strong, it is simply thought to Europe.


Historically position IACM building was originally a Chinese-style pavilion of procedure of the pavilion floor of the building, read command and government officials as Sino-Portuguese meeting place for the Ming government .

1583 (Ming Wanli eleven years) after the establishment of the Macao procedure of public office, which plans to purchase the pavilion, as well as their houses to the rear of the Chinese Ming government.

1784 (Qing Emperor Qianlong forty-nine years), Portuguese purchase the land with 80,000 taels of silver.

1904 (Guangxu thirty years) Macao government inside and outside the building under renovation, the building layout are all configured as king of Portugal Joao V dynasty style pattern.

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