Love dedication


"Love Dedication ━ 2008 Promotional Cultural System Earthquake Disaster Relief Large Fundraising Activities" After the CCTV broadcast, strong repercussions were caused in all parts of the country and overseas Chinese. The masses of all sectors agreed that this event was shocking, urging tears, greatly encouraged the nationality of all national people's earthquake relief, which greatly entered the national spirit. General Secretary Hu Jintao made an important instruction to give full affirmation and enthusiasm for this event: "Thank you for the comrades of CCTV and initiated units, thanks to the literary staff! Our heart is heart, the same breath, a total of life, no overcome Difficult. Victory must belong to the Chinese people of the hero. "

According to statistics, the national 550 million viewers watched the live broadcast of CCTV, the world's 49 countries and regions broadcast or use CCTV's Live signal. In a few days, countless audiences and overseas Chinese people have truly express their respect and care on the people of the disaster area through the network, telephone, mobile phone text messages, etc., unanimously believe that through this event, more deeply feelings of the Party Central Committee, State Council and the people of all nationalities In the unlimited care of the masses in the disaster area, I feel the will of the military and civilian steel-like steel-like steel-like steel-like steel, and I feel the huge advantage of socialism "one party is difficult, eight parties support", feel the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation, unity and struggle. The national spirit of tenacious struggle is even more determined under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, seized the confidence of the final victory of earthquake relief.

The Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary of China Liu Yunshan, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Liu Yandong, the National Committee, Vice Chair, Chen Kuiyuan attended the event and donated money. Sun Jiazheng, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, entrusted the Chinese Wen Federation of the Chinese Wen, Ltd.

Reciting Chorus

The party begins in one minute in all personnel, because many participants are numerous, many famous actors and singers have no separate performances, but in the chorus, readings and other programs In the middle collective performance, many actors are a tears, and all participants have donated their own programs. Chen Daoming, Tang Guoqiang, etc., CCTV host, won the "we with you" and other poems, CCTV host sang the song "The world needs enthusiastic intestines", accommodation, Zhou Huajian, Nicholas Tse, Lin Junjie, Zhang Mingmin and other art people chorus "Tomorrow Will better ", Guo Feng and other groups" believe in love ", troops actors, and the general chorus singing song" The motherland is summoning ", Wei Wei, Lu Wei and many other singers also sing songs" Dedication "" Every love "" We will always be the people of the people ". Zhang Guoli, Chen Kun, etc. also sang "Let the world full of love" with children from the Sichuan disaster area. Mei Ting, Dai Yuqiang and others chorus classic song "I wish you peace", a true love song of a chorus condense into a love, let the audience in front of the TV feel the movement of the national disaster relief, Zhong Zhicheng City. Jiang Kun, Zhao Benshan and other Lu Yi circles represent the deep recitation "There is a strong motherland", "the sky is not collapsed, the disaster has a big love" resounded throughout the studio. The Pear Garden was called the Beijing Opera "I am Chinese" in Queze and others. The representative of the drama industry said: "As long as there is a strong command of the Party Central Committee, the Chinese people must have a disaster and rush to a beautiful tomorrow!" At the party, In particular, Liu Qing, Yue Hong, Li Jiaming and other Sichuan Express Aorty and Beichuan Middle School survived several students crying and said that the affected experience, expressed strong confidence, and gave a firm confidence, actors on the stage. The audience under the stage is all under tears.

In addition, the party also showed a lot of touching news image information to the audience, bringing special movements to the audience with the most authentic picture. On the spot, I still have a reporter of the earthquake relief first line to directly hit the disaster relief live, but she not only brought good news, but also entrusted the host Bai Yansong donated 10,000 yuan. Jiang Min from Pengzhou, Sichuan lost his mother and daughter in the earthquake. When she was strong in front of the national audience, everyone couldn't help but shouted from the bottom of the heart: Come on, Jiang Min! Come on, Sichuan!

Participate in the Donation

The party uses a literary performance and broadcasting the earthquake relief propaganda short film to do insert, and makes a number of contributions, which opens six languages ​​such as English, French. hotline. Fundraising activities are integrated into the limited preparation time, the first-class lineup of the propaganda culture, actively participated in the fundraising activities, CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, many media units, real estate, finance, manufacturing, etc. Enterprises and institutions and social groups have also donated money in the evening, making people deeply feel the great power of the whole people.

Participate in the field fundraising activities and sports people are only like Guo Lanying, Fu Gengchen, Wu Zuqiang, Xu Pei Dong, Tan Lihua, Li Guyi, Li Shuangjiang, Wu Yanze, Zhao Jiping, Ma Yutao, Yang Hongji, Liu Bingyi, Yan Lianfeng, etc. One generation of artists, there is also a middle-aged strength of Yan Weiwen, Liu Huan, Mao Amin, Wei Wei, and Liu Changyu, Yu Xi Zhi, Li Shenglu, and Liu Xiaoqing, Chen Daoming, Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guo, Jiang Wenli, Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin and other film and television strokes are also very striking.

Love dedication

In addition, Tie Co, Liu Heng, Zhao Dynasty, Mo Yan, Bi Shu Min, Liu Zhenyun, Chen Jiangong, Li Cunyi, Zhang Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Anti - Ap Xu Haifeng, Liu Xiang, Guo Jingjing, Hu Jia, Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Wang Nan, Zhang Yi Ning and other sportsmans and film and television cultural communities complement the sputum.

Repeat donation is unshirkable

After the launch of the disaster relief activity, people from all walks of life have generously pose, and they support the people in the disaster area with practical actions. In the fundraising event last night, many performance stars did not have to pay for them before they had been donated, and they all actively participated in fundraising activities in the scene, do their best to help the people in the disaster area. Enterprises and social groups also donated money, donating a helping hand and donated donation, dedicating her own love, set off a new climax of fundraising activities. In the event, CCTV will also open the hotline and SMS communication platform, and the people of the country participated in the interaction of this event. Up to the end of the evening, the amount of donations reached a new breakthrough, excluding the phone intention to donate, and a total of 1.5 billion yuan of good fortune is raised.

program list

Opening "We are all Zhi Chengcheng"

Chen Daoming, etc. "We are with you" (poetry reading)

CCTV host "The world needs enthusiastic"

Mainland star "Sisters Bowling"

Mainland Star "Dedication"

Mainland Star "Concentrates Every Love"

Mainland star "people in Qingshan"

Mainland star "Let the world full of love" (singing with the children in the disaster area)

force "The motherland is summon"

The troops "will always be the people of the people"

Lu Yingjie "I have a strong motherland" (poetry reading)

"I am Chinese"

Hong Kong and Taiwan Star "will be better tomorrow"

Faye Wong and other "I hope people long".

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