King of Yi Ren


1968 (Showa 43) February 27, the Yuan Dynasty, the royal family awarded the big monument.

In 1971, the University of the University of Study graduated from the University of Sciences.

study abroad in the National University of Australia from 1971 to 1973.

from 1974 to 1985, serving in the NHK.

January 1, 1988, was sealed "Guikong" title.

In 1988, he caused his right half due to acute epidural hematoma. After that, he returned to official activities through rehabilitation training, and he was actively visited at home and abroad. The king of the Gui Palace is unmarried, and in recent years, there is no good physical condition.

Due to the morning of June 8, 2014, the king of Guikong suddenly felt that the body is not suitable, was sent to the hospital affiliated to Tokyo University, and finally at 10:55 local time. Acute heart failure died, enjoy the 66 years old.


Japanese Guikong, who is died on June 8, 2014, is buried in the Toy Island Ganziki in the Beijing-Beijing District on June 17, 2014. Japanese Crown Prince couple, couple Akishino and Princess Masako and other members of the royal family, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Speaker of the House and Senate and the Supreme Court as its Chief Executive and other off.

The father of the king of the king of the King of the Gui Palace. In accordance with the practice of Japan, Japan and Queen did not attend the funeral, dispatched from Changchuan Island Yu and others to attend.

The funeral was held at 10 am on June 17, 2014. The Division reads the sacrifices before the altar of the Lingling, and reviewed the king of the Gui Palace. Then the Japanese Emperor and Queen's messenger, the long-bin of the owner of the Kao Ren, the prince, the king, and the gods of the gods. After that, the king of the Sanchaser Palace, the Empress Prince and other attendees were also greeted.


Guiushan Prince is the second child of Sancha Palace, Japan's Emperor's Canto

Sergey Australia Association (Japan Australia New Zealand Society , Inc) CEO

Dainippon FAS (agricultural Society of Japan) CEO

Dainippon forest will (Japan Forestry Association) CEO

Japan process will ( The President of Japanese Paint Primary Association (Japanese Urushi Craft · Art Association "issued by Japan Art Crafts Association.

Family spectrum

father Chongren Prince
Mother Baise
Brother Wide Rell Prince
younger brother Prince Takamado
Sister < / TD> Near Nutzi (near Gui Zhonghui, old name "Prince of Ningzi)

Qian Yongzi (thousands of rooms, old weighing princes) King of Yi Ren

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