Initial heating furnace

Equipment Characteristics

induction heating furnace series melt furnace characteristics

(1) Melting efficiency high elevation effect, compact structure, Strong overload capacity

(2) The surrounding temperature is low, the smoke is small, the work environment is good.

(3) Simple operation process, reliable melting operation.

(4) Uniform metal component is uniform.

(5) The melting is rapid, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high.

(6) The furnace utilization is high and the variety is convenient.

(7) Long arc-shaped yoke shield leakage magnetic and reduced external magnetorescent resistance, there is a leak magnet at both ends of the shielding coil, the yoke section is the inner side of the curved, and the outer wall is seamless. The magnetic magnetic rate area makes the lower ring better support. The unique positive and anti-ribbed is extremely high in the efficiency of the system.

induction heating furnace series heat-impression characteristics

fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation, saving materials and forging Cost

Don't worry that the coal furnace has been heated by the coal furnace caused by power outages or faults. Since the heating mode is fast, the oxidation is extremely small, and the forgings and burning coal furnaces save 20-50 kg, the material utilization rate can reach 95%. Since the heating method is uniform, the core surface temperature difference is small, so that the life of the forging die is greatly increased, the roughness of the surface of the forging is less than 50 um.

The working environment is superior, improve workers' labor environment and company image, no pollution, low energy consumption

induction furnace compared to coal furnace, workers It will not be subjected to the baking and smoking of the underflammatory sun lower, and the requirements of the environmental protection department can also meet the requirements of the environmental protection sector, and establish a new trend of the company's external image and the future of forging industries. Induction heating is the most energy-saving heating method in the electric heating furnace by ton forged power consumption of at room temperature to 1100 ° C. The power consumption is less than 360 degrees.

Initial heating furnace

Heating is uniform, the core surface temperature difference is small, the temperature control accuracy is high

induction heating The heat is generated in the workpiece itself, so heating is uniform, the core surface temperature difference Extreme. Application Temperature Control System Enables accurate control of temperature to improve product quality and pass rate.

induction heating furnace has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality and advantageous environment. It is rapidly eliminated the coal-fired furnace, gas furnace, fuel stove and ordinary resistance furnace. It is a new generation. Metal heating equipment.

Equipment advantage

Induction heating furnace is a power supply device for converting the power frequency 50Hz alternating current into an intermediate frequency (300 Hz or more to 1000 Hz), with three-phase power frequency alternating current, rectifying Becomolive current, then turn the direct current to the adjustable intermediate frequency current, supply the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing from the capacitance and induction coil, producing high-density magnetic lines in the sensing ring, and cutting the metal material in the inherent circle, A large eddy current is produced in the metal material. Since the principle of medium-frequency induction is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the workpiece, and the ordinary worker can carry out continuous work of forging tasks with a medium-frequency electric furnace to work, do not need the fire furnace professional workers to carry out the burner and sealing furnace . Since the heating mode is fast, the oxidation is extremely small, the oxidation of the intermediate frequency heating forging is only 0.5%, the oxidation burning of the gas furnace heating is 2%, the coal-fired furnace reaches 3%, the intermediate frequency heating process, each Ton forgings and burning coal furnaces save 20-50 kg of steel raw materials.

Safety operation

1, check the electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor copper tube, etc., otherwise it is prohibited.

2, the furnace glow is more than the specification should be repaired in time. It is strictly forbidden to smelt in the deep crucible of the fusion.

3, power generation and open furnace should have a special person responsible, contacting the sensor and cable after power generation. When the class is not allowed to leave the position, pay attention to the external situation of the inductor and 坩 坩.

4, when the charge should be checked, there is a harmful article in the furnace, if the corresponding removal is removed, the cold material and the wet material are directly added to the steel liquid, and the melted liquid is charged. After the ministry is strictly forbidden to add to prevent the cover.

5, the filling furnace and the crucible are strictly forbidden, and iron oxide is mixed, and the iron oxide must be complemented.

6, pouring venue and front of the furnace should have no obstacle, no water, and exploding steel water.

7, the steel is not allowed to be full, the hand is poured, the two should work together, the road should be smooth, not allowed to take emergency stop, after the casting, the remaining steel should pour into the designated place, It is strictly forbidden.

8, the intermediate frequency generator room should be kept clean, and it is strictly prohibited that smoking is prohibited in indoor, and smoking is prohibited.


Altitude does not exceed 3000m; the ambient temperature is in the range of 3-40 ° C; (antifreeze measures should be taken by 0 ° C); the largest relative humidity of the area is used The average month mean is not more than 90%; there is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gases that can seriously damage the metal and insulation.

Application field

1, welding: cutting tool, drill tool, knife, woodworking tool, car knife, brazing head, brazing, reamer, milling cutter, drill, saw blade sawtooth , Mirror, steel pipe, copper tube welding, truncation welding, bonding, compressor, pressure gauge, relay contact point, compressor winding, transformer winding copper wire welding , Storage (welding of gas irrigation, stainless steel, welding of kitchenware).

2, heat treatment: gear, machine guide rail, hardware tool, pneumatic tool, electric tool, hydraulic parts, ductile iron, auto-frequency, internal matching mechanical metal parts (surface, inner hole, local, overall ) Quenching, annealing, stainless steel pot product stretching.

3, heat transfer molding: standard parts, fasteners, large workpieces, small hardware, straight shank twist drill, whole, topical heat transfer and twist diamond heat rolling, diameter 100mm or less Round steel, the heating of metal villages is annealed to stretch, mold, embossed, eluting, tip, steel (wire) heating, stainless steel, stretch, rising, rising, thermal expansion, etc.

4, other heating areas: aluminum plastic tube, steel plastic tube, cable, electric wire heating film, metal preheating, semiconductor single crystal growth, thermal cooperation, bottle hot seal, toothpaste skin Heat seal, powder coating, metal implantation of plastics, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

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