Infrastructure investment


Infrastructure refers to the provision of public services for the social production and living materials engineering facilities, to ensure that the public service system for national or regional socio-economic activities performed normally. Infrastructure construction has a so-called "multiplier effect", that is several times the amount of investment can bring social aggregate demand and national income. A country or region's infrastructure is perfect, it is an important foundation of its economy over the long term sustainable and stable development.

Infrastructure investment


New Deal : the 1930s in order to deal with an unprecedented economic Great Depression, US President Roosevelt's famous "New Deal "one very important one is government-led policy of large-scale infrastructure construction, these infrastructure projects, not only to improve employment, increase the income of the people, but also laid a solid foundation for the later development of the US economy.


Currently, in order to deal with the huge risks to the economy due to the global financial crisis and domestic slowdown caused by many factors, the Chinese government launched the "four trillion" investment stimulus plan , "four trillion" economic stimulus is expected to drive economic growth of about 1 percent per year, of which nearly half of the funds to invest in transport infrastructure and urban and rural power grids, which can not only get rid of the Chinese speed up the negative effects of the global financial crisis brought about, but also expand domestic demand and stimulate the growth of China's economic development and consumption. With the central government's plan, the provincial and municipal governments have to focus on infrastructure projects, investment-led economic growth, in 2008 the total investment of the whole society will be more than 16 trillion yuan.

investment over the years

2015, the National Bureau of Statistics released the "2015 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin" shows that China's annual infrastructure investment 10.1271 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.2% , accounting for investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) proportion of 55.159 trillion yuan of 18.4%

2016, the national Bureau of statistics released the "2016 national Economic and Social development statistics Bulletin" shows that China's annual basis facilities investment 11.8878 trillion yuan, up 17.4%, accounting for investment in fixed assets (excluding farmers) 59.6501 trillion yuan proportion was 19.9% ​​

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