Information integration


Standardization is the basis of information integration, mainly including communication protocol standardization (such as Map / Top, manufacturing automation protocol / technology office agreement, etc.), product data standards (such as Step, Product model data exchange standards, etc.), as well as adjustment network standardization, electronic document standardization, interactive graphics standardization.

The integrated platform is a powerful tool for information integration. This is an object-oriented open integration technology. For example, there are X-needed application software, as long as each application software receives the integrated platform, it can Under the support of a set of integrated servers, implement the integration of X applications, so integrated complexity is reduced to one. Integrated platform technology is gradually improved.

General process

1. Determine the subject, design target

2. Planning content structure, collect processing material

3. Select Tools , Actual production

Information integration

4. Collection feedback, evaluation correction

express "inforrative" is integrated, integrated, integrated, organic combination, etc. Although the researchers differ in terms of words, the object is basically consistent, and common expressions are:

information integration is a concept that combines the relevant multi-information organic integration and optimization. Information integration is not the accumulation of information or physical accumulation of the information carrier.

For a particular user's needs, information-based, information resources are the means, the service is the method, and the network technology is means, and the information resources are organically integrated. And optimize the dynamic process of optimizing the elements, system reconstruction processes.

Information integration is a concept of organizing and managing information for a target or facing a particular service, integrated core is to integrate with technical means to implement resources. shared.


In the database field, the method of comparing the popular information integration system is Wrapper / Mediator, which meets the requirements of the upper integration apparatus through the Wrapper / Mediator structure.

According to a particular topic, the relevant information is organically linked into one unit from different information sources (regardless of their geographical location, data structure, and communication requirements), providing users with network technology and application software. access.

For the established task, organic fusion and optimization of information resources, technical resources, intellectual resources.

Digital resource integration is a state of digital resource optimization combination, which is based on certain needs, integration, clustering, and interactive relationships for data objects, functional structures in the relatively independent resource system. Recombinant, recombinantly bind to a new organic whole.

Common information integration tool

Information integration tool is divided into three categories: page-based tools, icon-based tools, time-based tools.

a, page-based tool - uses a material similar to a book "page". Features: Easy to organize and manage material, compare images, intuitive, easy to learn, suitable for primary users to make simple multimedia works.

b, icon-based tool - "icon" of various materials with the image is sequentially connected in the flow chart. The feature is: You can edit the material to any icon, and the position of the icon can be adjusted as needed.

c, time-based tool - integrated all kinds of materials in time sequence. Features: The operation is more complicated, and it is necessary to have a certain programming basis in the material rendering time.

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