Human knowledge principle


"Principles of Human Knowledge" original book published in 1710. As long as the objective denied the existence of matter, it can be refuted materialism "definite displacement" the cornerstone of atheism. Things that people commonly referred to as just a collection of ideas, the concept of perception exists in the hearts of those who put forward the basic principles of idealism, "existence is to be perceived" in asserting the entity does not exist, but only an abstract concept. In order to avoid solipsism, he must come from the concept of God, and that there is the concept would prove the existence of God.

the hidden wealth of ideas and academic value, as scholars are well known, no need to repeat them. These translations booklet published to the past, the microscopic systems, compilation for the series, can complement each other, a splendid sight, both for studying diligently, but also conducive to cultural accumulation. To this end, we set out to print and publish in parts from 1981 to 2010 has been divided eleven series print line famous 460 kinds. Now we continue to publish Volume 12. Published by the end of 2011 to 500 species. .

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