Han Solo


If you are engaged in smuggling activities in Han Solo, you tell him that he will become a hero of the righteous army in the future, fall in love with an Odden's princess, and He became the general of the Rightest Union, he couldn't use a sharp call to reply you. But if there is anything in Soro's life, it is his unpredictability.

Han and Chu Bacard - His closest friends and big deputy - experienced various kinds of adventures in their long smuggling career. When Soro wandered the edge of the Galaxy society, he not only met a useful friend, but also encountered an enemy with power. Han finally met a young gambler named Lando Carryin. After experiencing a series of adventures, Han won Lan Du's cargo ship in a fierce Sabak gambling.

has self-high personality. His humor is a ridicule, and his attitude is fearless. This often makes him fall into a dilemma, and only his courage to have a braveness can save him. Han arrived in many places, he claimed to cross the entire galaxy. One degree, Soro does not believe in the principalness and attributes it into pure luck. Han is a pragmatic, some people will say that he is only a picture. His personality is often conflicted with Leia's idealism. Despite these conflicts (or because of these conflicts), this is finally in love, and the last two people have a child, name Soro.

It is difficult to predict

"Star Wars IV: New Hope"

Han and Chu Baka have a number of shabby Coriya spacecraft Unclear repairs, making the millennium becomes a very unbelievable soldighted smuggling boat. In a bad experience, Han was forced to pour the smuggled spice of a black social head Herdman Jaba. Ja Ba has rewarded a huge bonus, which has greatly enabled the entire Galaxy bounty hunter to find this Coriolian and his Wuji.

Due to the urgent need of a cash, Solo signed a contract to Ode Lilan. According to this contract, he put the Odman from Tower from the Tower of Odown from Tamu, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

After arriving in Odown, they found that this planet has been destroyed, and their spacecraft is also captured by the Military Empire. Their accidental discovery of captured Leia (Liea) is also here.

Under Luke's persuasion and conditional temptation, Han finally agreed to save the prisoner of prisoners of prisoners. After fleeing dead stars, Han sent these rebels to their bases in Satellite 4th.

He decided not to participate in the special attack of the Rightest Army, but took his reward. However, in the half-road Han, he participated in the battle and launched the Tie fighter of Vide in time. This will destroy this battle base for Luke enough time. Due to his efforts, Han was awarded the hero medal.

East Ben West run

"Star Wars V: Empire Anti-war"

In the days together in the Han and Riga League, some of his past enemies Track him. The money of Soro Jauba also accumulated a lot of amount, so the black society broke his order and sent many bounty hunters to kill him. Some bounty hunters have almost succeeded in the encounters of Otte Sandel and Han.

Han has accepted the rank of the temporary colonel of the Yijun Alliance and in many tasks and adventures. When the Galaxy Empire attacked the echo base of Hoster, his millennium stopped there. When the road to the shipbots to Leia is cut off, Leia uses the millennium to escape from the captured base. Despite the many faults, the millennium is still escaped in the Imperial Fleet. When repairing the millennium is repaired, in these Ningxin time, Han and Leia become intimate.

When the millennium is fled from Hos, the Darth Vader command is prioritized. Vaida proposed a reward and sent many bounty hunters. Because Solo's friend, Lando Carryin, betrayed him, making Boba Fert and Weide finally found Solo City in Yuncheng, BES-piping. There, after a fight, Soro and Raya were captured by Vader, and was carried out to give Hetman Jab. Han entered a complete hibernation in the carbon coffin. Subsequently, Lea, Lando, Chu Baka and Luke plans to take action to save him from Jiaba in the fortress of Tutu.

When his friends arrived at Jiaba's palace, Han was put out from his carbon coagulation coffin. He endured a slight hibernation syndrome. In the battle of the fighting Chinese, the friends of the Han Dynasty finally destroyed the Hert's crime, and Solo's debts were saved. Solo also tried to hit the Biba Fett into the big mouth of Saiba, thus ending the threat to him for a long time.

The right to hold

"Star Wars VI: Jedi Return"

After returning the alliance, Solo accepts the appointment of General Tour. He is responsible for leading a raid team to the satellite. Their task is to destroy the protective shield energy generating station responsible for the second dead star on the track. With the help of the local Iakki, the Rightess Army defeated the imperial army and destroyed the shield generator, and paved the road for the victory of the Kingso.

Due to the

"Star Wars VII: Era Waken"

Han and Chu Baka have met Finn and Rii after 30 years after Weno And actively participated in the battle of the first order and resistance organization, and decided to accompany the Rii to go to the stars base to find the son of Kello Lun and persuaded his son. Face, but unfortunately, he was stabbed by Kello Lun [Ben Solo], and the abyss (the body disappeared with the death of the star).

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