Fuzzy reasoning


Never precise premise set of possible inaccurate conclusions derived reasoning, also known approximate reasoning. In people's thinking, reasoning often are approximate. For example, people under the conditional statement (hypothetical) "If a tomato is red", the tomatoes are cooked, "and the premise (respect)" very red tomatoes, "Now it can be concluded" very ripe tomatoes. "This imprecision reasoning impossible using classical two-valued logic value or logic to complete .LA Zadeh in 1975 first proposed combination rules and the fuzzy inference conditional statement "If x to a < / i>, the y to B "is converted into fuzzy rules relationship Thereafter Yeager JF Baldwin and RR, and others with their fuzzy truth values ​​using fuzzy the proposed method is different from the logic of Zadeh.

Fuzzy reasoning

Research and development

since L.A.Zad 1965 Nian eh proposed the concept of fuzzy sets, Fuzzy

systematic research has been the rapid development of fuzzy control technology has been widely used in the manufacture of industrial control and home appliances in, and have achieved remarkable success. fuzzy reasoning is the theoretical basis of fuzzy control, although the fuzzy inference has a large number research results, but these studies have not yet a reliable logical basis. Professor Wang Guojun to establish a formal system fuzzy propositional calculus in 1996 L ~ *, after framing system L ~ *, the semantically fuzzy inference rules build a logical basis in 1999 and based only. implication operator fuzzy inference made full implication triple I algorithm, which is CRI method now widely used in the field of control than Zadeh proposed more reasonable, logical basis for stronger reasoning algorithm.

research value

Because of the effect of selection and fuzzy reasoning implication operator is closely related to research triangle operator accompanying norms and implication for each other especially fuzzy reasoning with Fuzzy logic combined with a significant and broad sense. the purpose is to establish a system RL form a new fuzzy propositional calculus based on mutual accompanying triangular norms and implication operators, makes two important and logical system L ~ * BL are logically its expansion. in this new fuzzy logic, the language structure from the fuzzy inference logic based algorithm to construct three I obtained in the form of non-fuzzy fuzzy reasoning. Thus, I will fuzzy reasoning algorithm into the form of a frame in fuzzy logic, fuzzy inference process can be converted into the form of fuzzy logic deduction, thus making fuzzy inference has a strict logical basis.

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