Fah Rudding Ali Ahmed

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, 1905 Nian 5 13 - 11 February 1977), Indian politician, he served as the fifth President of India (1974 - 1977). Born in Delhi Muslim Family, 1927 Bachelor of Law at the University of Cambridge School of San Carter, in 1928 qualified as a solicitor in London Society of the Inner Temple, after returning to India, worked in Punjab and Assam as a lawyer, in 1931 Join Congress, began against British colonial rule, the struggle for independence, Assam since 1935, he was elected to parliament, since 1936 a member of the state Congress Committee and the All India Congress Committee, 1938- in 1939 the Minister of Finance and Minister of Assam tax, due to opposition to the British colonial authorities to resign, 1940 and 1941 for participating in non-cooperation movement twice detained, jailed for up to three and a half years. 1946-1947 and twice served in 1964 after members of Congress Working Committee, 1946--1952 Assam was appointed Attorney General, 1954-1957 and 1966--1967 was elected Member Rajya Sabha, during 1957--1966 years Assam, Mr and served as minister of state finance, law and public development and local self-government. In 1966 he was Minister of India, good for irrigation minister, minister of education, minister of industrial development and public affairs, agriculture Liang, was elected president in 1974, died in February 1977 tenure. Fah Rudding Ali Ahmed

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