Exquisite street

Town names

Linglong Town is named by Linglong Mountain. According to Qing Xuanchang, "Lin'an County" contains: "The two peaks, the air is empty, so it is exquisite." Southern Song Dynasty is Fengting and Qingxiang Township. The Republic of China is Qingfeng Township. After 24 years (1935), it was divided into Dongshan, Fengting, Xinhua Township, and the Republic of China (1938), another 34 years (1945), and the Republic of China, and the Republic of China (1945). After the founding of the country, it is divided into Jinyuan, Qi, Gao East, Xiujia Township, 1956 and

Linglong Street Office

Before, Linglong Township, in 1958, the Lingli Mountain Commune, after Linglong Mountain Township In 1988, the Lingli Mountain Township was Summer Bridge Town, and said in 1993.

Male Events

1978-1992, the establishment area is 4,523 mu of Linglong Mountain forest farm, which has been awarded the national advanced forest farm; Lin Farm, Huahun, was rated as a national labor model, national forestry Advanced workers are elected representatives of the 8th National People's Congress. From 1983 to 1988, the Cultural Center launched the "Wen Buing, Multi-Welfare" activities, forming a cultural economic entity, fixed assets of 1.5 million yuan, was rated as advanced in the country.

1987-1991, the national forestry department, the forestry department and the province, the city leaders Zhu Guangchao, Liu Guangyun, Jiang Zehui, Tieqi, Li Zemin, Xu Zhuan, Wanchu Yuan and more than 10 friendly people to Linglong Investigation and guidance work and investigation. In 1992, the town cable TV station was built, and 23 TV shows were output. In 1994, the program-controlled telephone was opened to build 4 program-controlled telephone villages. From 1994 to 1997, there were three group companies that Zhejiang Linglong Paper Corporation, Tianlun Enterprise Group, Hangzhou Hengtong Group Company. In 1995, published a total of 10 volumes of "Linglong Mountain".

1995 ~ 1998, town, village two levels invest 39 million pour 31? 5 km village tarmursery; invest 6.9 million yuan, built 6370 square meters of teaching building and supporting facilities. In 1997, the investment of 24 million yuan, built a total length of 1500 meters, width 40 meters wide.

Provincial title

Town Cultural Center has obtained "Wenbiu" in 1988, it has put more than 30 million yuan in funds, and the cultural facilities have been new and transformed again. There is now a 350-seat theater, a comprehensive cultural building, karaoke hall, lighting court, etc., library Tibetan books reaches 1 more more than 10,000 books, and 10 grassroots books. In March 1998, through the provincial acceptance, the title of East China Sea Cultural Pearl.

Education and school renewal

Town, village, personal three joint school, invest 7.5 million yuan, built 220 square meters of Hua Longyi, small, exquisite and small and Jin Xiu Primary School The school building, East Mountain has expanded 120 square meters, built a 2,750 square meter teaching laboratory building and 1300 square meters of faculty dormitory, and 350 meters of track and field sports.

Enterprise Certification

Tianlun Enterprise Group Company's "Tianlun" brand high extended back fire tire steel wire, Lin'an electromagnetic cable factory "Lin Long" brand electromagnetic cable, Zhejiang Tianjie Industrial Co., Ltd. "Tianjie" brand SYWV (Y) -75 polyethylene physics high-foam radio frequency coaxial cable, SYKV (Y) -75 polyethylene curved radiofrequency coaxial cable, Zhejiang Lin'an City Cable Factory "Tianmu" Sywv (Y) -75 physical (high) foaming polyethylene insulated radio frequency coaxial cable, SYKV (Y) -75 tone polyethylene insulated RF cable, refrigeration compressor motor windings lead wire , The "three-far" brand refrigeration motor of the tie line, the casing, Lin'an special electric plant, the "Wuzhou" brand polyester tie line, the leading line, etc. of the Lingli Telecommunications Equipment Factory, the lead, etc. Quality system certification

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