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Articles founded in 1982, is director of Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Yunnan Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences, organized nationwide public offering environmental Science and Technology journal, national unity ISSN: CN53-1205 / X; international standard Serial Number: ISSN1673-9655. This publication published article in Environmental Science academic papers, research reports and presentation environment environmental engineering technology. The main sections are: environmental management studies, environmental studies lakes, pollution control technology, ecology and nature conservation, agricultural environmental protection, environmental monitoring and analysis, environment and human health, the environment and foreign scientific information on environmental technology introductions.

Main sections

Environmental Management

Lakes Environmental Research

pollution control technology

Ecology and Nature Conservation

agricultural environmental protection

environmental monitoring and analysis

environment and human health

environmental Science information

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2000 won the first national environmental prize journal

Journal of information

Authorities: Yunnan environment Office for the protection

Organizers: Yunnan Academy of environmental sciences

editor: HE Bin

ISSN: 1673-9655

CN: 53 -1205 / X

address: Xishan District Road weather Wangjiaba No. 23

ZIP: 650034

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