Edmont Cartret

Edon Carterry (1743.4.24-1823.10.30), the inventor of the British priest, hydrolytic machine. Born in Nottingham. In 1760, I entered Oxford University and was a master's degree in literature in 1766. After the pastor in Yorkshire. In 1769, he was a long walk in Lancaster County. Starting a textile factory in 1784. In 1786, he was appointed by the President in Lincoln. In 1785, the invention was completed in the hydraulic loom ( Power LOOM ) and patented, and a patent was applied, and the woven fabric effect was 42 times. Textile mills were established in Doncaster. In 1792, the wool escaping machine was completed and applied for patent, shortly textile factory bankruptcy, and the following year sold Tow Kest's factory, moved to London. Getting ethanol engine patents in 1797. Agricultural study in Bedfordshire in Bedford, 1800 - 1807. In 1806, he won the Ph.D. in theology and has been in Lincoln County. In May 1821, he was selected as a member of the Royal Society. Edmont Cartret

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