DVD player


digital disc player (DVD player), commonly known as DVD players, namely digital disc playback device. Most use all need to be connected to the TV. In addition, there are products containing liquid crystal display type.

DVD player

basic functions

Basic functions

DVD player follows: 1. Read DVD-Video disc (UDF format version 2). 2. random decrypt the CSS or Macrovision processed content. 4. copy protection signal waveform 3.Macrovision decoding MPEG-2 video stream, the highest peak rate of 10Mbit / s, a continuous rate of 8 Mbit / s. The decoded sound encoding format MP2, PCM or AC-3, the output connector through a stereo digital optical or electronic connectors. 6. The output video signal, wherein the analog signals (PAL, SECAM or NTSC format) using the color video signal connector, a digital video signal using a digital interface connector. 7. Most DVD players can also play audio CD (CDDA, MP3, etc.) and VCD, it includes a home theater decoders such as Dolby Digital, DTS; some of the new product also supports the popular Internet video compression format DivX. 2005 retail price depends on the selected function (such as: digital audio and video output, etc.), the price between NT few thousand dollars.

producing countries

largest producer of DVD players in China in 2002 produced a total of 30 million units, 70% of the world market share. Every DVD player around MPEG-2 required to pay licensing fees of $ 20 to the DVD patent holders (Sony, Philips, Pioneer and LG). To avoid this situation, China has developed EVD standard with independent intellectual property rights for the next generation DVD. So far in 2004, evd player sold only in China.

DVD region code

That is most important is to protect the interests of distributors and agents in each region, and specifically for DVD-Video developed out of the "limit order within a certain area normal use "restriction to prevent parallel imports of the products in question, to avoid a region not released grossing movie of circulation because of its DVD-Video and losses.

DVD player software

With a DVD drive on your computer to play DVD video software. Such as: free software VLC Media Player, MPlayer, DVD player (software), paid software WinDVD, PowerDVD. Based on experience with a lot of people, paid software image quality and CPU usage are not necessarily better than free software.

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