Distributed capacitor


means a distributed capacitance is formed from a non-distributed capacitance parameter form.

charging cables, transformers have some capacitance to ground, and the distributed capacitance depends on the geometry of the cable, the cable length and the insulation material, insulated from one another but which pressure difference by two the conductor configuration.

It must be noted that not only have a capacitance capacitor, a capacitance exists between any two current-carrying conductor in the electronic and electrical lines, such as electric power between power lines, power line and the earth between, there is a capacitance between the elements and between the elements and the transistors of each pin.

Distributed capacitor

e.g., between two transmission lines, each transmission line between the heel and the ground are separated by an air medium, so that there are also capacitors. In general, the capacitance value is very small, its effect is negligible, if the transmission line is high or the length of the transmitted signal frequency, it must be considered that the capacitance effect. Also in electronic instruments, there is a capacitance between the metal wire and the housing of the instrument.

these capacitors often called distributed capacitance, although its value is small, but sometimes they will work transmission line or the equipment to cause interference.

generally refers to the distributed capacitance between the capacitance formed in the form of a PCB or other circuit forms, between the line and the line, the lower layer of the PCB. This capacity of the capacitor is small, but may be a certain influence on the circuit. When the design of the PCB must take full account of the impact, especially in the high operating frequency of the time.

This is a capacitance inherent in the manufacture, but high process may try to reduce this value. There is necessarily in the circuit configuration, the capacitance value is small simply because, at low frequencies, the effect on the circuit is negligible; at high frequency, on the one hand is delayed rising and falling edges, as well as other aspects, are distributed the capacitive effects are in play a part.

distributed capacitance and inductance coils


turn and turn of a coil, between the coil and ground, there is between the shield case and the coil and the coil layer and the layer distributed capacitance. Total equivalent loss resistance

presence of distributed capacitance of the coil will increase, reducing the quality factor Q. A high frequency coil around the honeycomb often used method, i.e., so that the wound coil, a plane which is not parallel to the plane of rotation, but intersect at an angle, such a coil is called honeycomb coil. Rotation of the coil, the number of wire bent back and forth, referred to as edge points. Winding method hive advantage is small, distributed capacitance, and low inductance. Is the use of honeycomb honeycomb coil winding machine used to wind, the more the number of vertices, the smaller the distributed capacitance.

distributed capacitance of the transformer

in the distributed capacitance between the transformer primary and secondary, coupled by the stray capacitance of the transformer, the capacitance and thus directly affects the size of the distribution transformer frequency isolation. That is, the distributed capacitance of the signal path provides access to the grid. So the choice of the transformer, it must consider the size of the distributed capacitance.

distributed capacitance of the output transformer

layer distributed capacitance between the output transformer has a great effect on the attenuation of the high-frequency audio signal

, a direct result of the audio signal transmitted over the band unevenness , is an audio signal distortion increases the main factor. In order to weaken the minimal necessary to use the distributed capacitance of the primary segment of each particular winding method, the distributed capacitance to reduce the attenuation of the audio signal.

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