Credit history


Personal Credit Report

is an objective record of personal credit information. The individual credit payment history is recorded. Including: records formed by credit relationships in financial institutions; recordings formed by borrowing relationships with other agencies or individuals; recorded compliance records formed by commercial institutions and public institutions; with housing provident fund, social insurance and other institutions The record of economic relations; the record of paying tax payment according to law; various recognition records; and other criminal punishments, administrative punishment, administrative punishment or civil compensation records that may affect personal credit status. Personal credit reports are an important reference to delivering credit by creditors, and objective decisions.

Personal Credit Rating

is a mathematical model of the credit service intermediary using specialized design, according to the content recorded by the personal credit report, the personal credit capacity is evaluated, calculated, given one Human risk score. The higher the personal credit score, the higher the personal credibility.

Personal credit

Personal credit file is imaged as a second ID card. In developed countries or regions, each economic entity involved in credit transactions will have a corresponding credit file. The file is recorded in the file, and the credit information of the personal credit value is recorded, which is a collection of various types of credit records, usually stored in electronic data. Personal credit files are made by a letter of credit agency, a class of personal credit. The Personal Control Bureau actively produces credit files for all residents within the range of services. The personal credit file produced by the personal credit faction is limited by the law, and the legal principles are both necessary to meet the needs of credit and economic development, and maintain personal privacy is not violated. Therefore, the law strictly specifies the business operation of the credit statement for the production of personal credit files, including information collection.


In foreign general negative records for 7 years, bankruptcy records generally reserve 10 years, the front record is longer, and the query record is generally reserved for 2 years.

Individual query your own credit report can pass two ways. First, when applying for a credit card or loan to a commercial bank, the bank will query personal credit information underlying database, and individuals take their own credit reports. Second, you can query from the People's Bank of China at all localities.

In addition to this person, only commercial banks can directly view the user's credit report when handling loans, credit cards, and after-loan management, and commercial banks must also get written authorization of users in advance.

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