Commodity display

Product display

1, portrait exhibition and horizontal display

longitudinal exhibition refers to the same type of goods from top to bottom In a set of shelves, customers can easily see all products in one time. The horizontal display is to show the same kind of goods in the horizontal direction, and the customer should see all the goods and need to go back to a few times. So, portrait exhibition.

2, Cheap display and high-end display

Flower display belongs to a cheap display, it gives customers a family feel that it is possible to stimulate the customer's purchase desire. The counters need to give customers a high-end feeling, can make high-end feelings with luxurious shelves and lighting methods.

3, Sample display

Mall counters have a representative commodity separately, such as clothing, model hangers want to showcase the new style of customers, The stereoscopic manner is present.

4, Active display

For some items, you can use a active display, such as clothing, and salesperson selection one, as a uniform, This is also a sales skill, the salesperson itself is a display of the best effects directly to the goods directly to the goods. (However, this is limited to casual clothing)

Product display skills

1, combined, attracting customers, is a trick to the goods. Generally, after entering the mall, the eyes will be shot from the left side and then turn to the right. This is because people look at the right side from the left side, that is, Impressively look at the left on the left, and calmly look at the right thing. There have been many shopping malls abroad to pay attention to this characteristics of human engineering. With this shopping habit, put the eye-catching items on the left side of the mall, forcing customers to stay, attract customers' attention, give full play to the role of the left side of the mall, and the unfavorable factors are favorable factors to promote the success of merchandise sales. This method is more common in foreign countries, but some shopping malls in China, most of them are uninterested, lack of scientific basis, and less consideration of customers' shopping characteristics. In fact, this feature of the Chinese is also outstanding in other respects. If walking towards the right, there is a stability; with a right hand, form a fixed posture ... In people's minds, the right party is safe and stable. Therefore, the operators of the mall can make full use of this feature, borrowing the different locations of the product, to give customers different effects, maximize the attention of customers.

2, relatively fixed, regular changes, is also the trick of the goods. From the perspective of customers, most of the goods are relatively fixed. In this way, when it comes to the shopping mall again, it can reduce the time of the product to find the customer's shopping efficiency. Shopping malls against this psychological characteristics, you may wish to place items in a fixed place for customers to buy. However, in the past, it is easy to lose customer attention to other items and produce an old dull feeling. Therefore, it can also be adjusted after a period of time, and the goods on the shelves can be adjusted, so that when the customer is re-looking for the item, it is attracted by other items, while the change of the mall has a new feeling. However, if this change is too frequent, it will lead to the resentment of the customer, think that the mall lacks scientific arrangements, chaotic, moving all day, and then generates irritability. Therefore, the fixation and change of the commodity should be relative, adaptable. Generally, it is appropriate for one year.

3, The delivery of the payment will open the distance, and the mall operator, it is also the art of a commodity. Many shopping malls are sold, take the method of unifying the payment station. This is a measures for financial management while containing more important meanings. Sometimes people get into the mall, which is more than the original item that is expected to buy. This is because the goods are deliberately placed on the psychological impact of customers. Malls can design a variety of long shopping channels to avoid from shortcuts to the payment and exports. When the customer walks to see or find the payment office, it is possible to see some other items that cause purchase, so the location of the payment table in the mall can consciously set up a place from the product, prompting customers to pay. At the same time, it is attracted by other commodities to produce purchase desires.

Product Exhibition Basic Principle

1. The safety of the display

queuing non-safety goods (exceeding the shelf life, freshness The low inferior, the scar, the taste is deteriorated), ensuring the stability of the display, ensuring that the goods are not easy to fall, should properly use the inner dish, spare. Conduct health management, give customers a sense of cleaning.

II. Exhibition of easy viewability, easy selectivity

Under normal circumstances, 20 degrees of human eye is most easily viewed. The average visual of human beings is from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, the visual width range is 1.5m to 2 m, and the perspective is 60 degrees when shopping in the store is 60 degrees, the visible range is 1m.

three, the easy-to-placement of the exhibition, easy place to return

When purchasing goods, it is generally first to get the goods from all The angle is confirmed, then decide if it is purchased. Of course, sometimes the customer will put it back in the hand. If the goods are not easy to take, if it is not easy to put it back, it may be just because this will lose the opportunity to sell goods.

four, a good display

1, cleaning

Do not display the goods directly to the floor. No matter what the goods can be placed directly on the floor, pay attention to removing the rust and stain on the shelf. It has been planned to clean. For channels, the floor is also clear.

2, freshness induction

Guaranteed that the quality of goods is good, the date is longer than the preservation period, and is closer to the date of production. Ensure that the goods do not have dust, scars, rust. Facing the front of the product faces customers. POP to improve commodity charm is also an important factor.

3, freshness

Compliance with seasonal changes, different promotions make the store in changing, and constantly create a novel store arrangement. Seasonal decoration. Set the instructions and related items to the relevant items. By lighting, music rendering shopping atmosphere. Deductively use the actual life scene of the product. Demonstrate actual use methods to promote sales.

5, providing information, a conserved store

Visual information provided to the customer is very needed, the customer is from the exhibition Get information; the high, position, arrangement, billboard, POP ...

6, display cost problem

To improve the income, consider : Sales with high quality, high-priced products with high-priced products with best-selling products. Exhibition of associated goods: moderate, lowering containers, and spare costs. At the same time, it is necessary to improve efficiency and prevent loss of goods.

7. The set of intended exhibition to stereo exhibition is point

(1) The displayed item is consistent with the "face" in front of the shelf.

(2) The "front" of the product is to all facing the path.

(3) Avoid customers to see the shelf separator and the bench behind the shelves.

(4) The height of the display is usually allowed to keep the displayed items and the upper shelf separator to enter a distance of a finger.

(5) The distance between the showing the city is generally 2 ~ 3mm.

(6) When the exhibition is performed, it is necessary to verify that the displayed goods are correct and placed the publicate board, POP.

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