China's integration of judgment of Japanese war criminals


"China's 100 volumes of Japanese war trial archives", including all kinds of war criminals in China's second historical archives, registers, investigations, laws and regulations , Trial record, newspaper information, etc. Among them, many information is the first disclosure.

China's integration of judgment of Japanese war criminals

Publishing Background

The editor of this book, Director of the Tokyo Trial Research Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said Professor Cheng Zhaoqi, "China's Judgment Archives" is Shanghai The Achievements of Cooperation between China's Second Historical Archives in China. For a long time, the National Government's trial of the criticism of the criticism of the criticism is disabled, it is difficult to obtain the researcher, which is an important reason for the difficulty of research in this area. Today, "China" publishing "to Japanese war trial archives will be strongly promoted research in related fields, enriching people's awareness of this history.

After the victory of the World anti-fascist war , China, the United States, Hear, Australia, Britain, Law, Su, Philippine are also established in Asia Pacific, and the Japanese general war criminals were tried. The Chinese people's government has built a military court in 10 cities in Shenyang, Beiping, Taiyuan, Jinan, Xuzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Taipei and Guangzhou.

After the establishment of the Tokyo Trial Research Center, it has always collected, organized, and the trial of the trial literature was used as the most important task of laid the study of post-war trial research. "Among them, the National Government's trial literature on Japanese war criminals is a key point to collect." The center member has went to Taiwan "National History Hall", "China Research Institute" near the historical institution and Japan National Commodity Library and other institutions, but also back some files, but by The key file of the war criminal handling committee to construct a cross-department has not found it for a long time. Confirm that this batch of archives is over the second History.

Since 2016, the center and the second Histori are divided into cooperation, scan the original, excluded the irrelevant document, re-arrange, prepare indexing, and appendices. After nearly five years of efforts, 100 volumes (nearly five Wan Page), Index Appendix 2 Volumes "China's Judicial Archives" is published by Shanghai Jiaotong University Press.

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