Chaos chaos chaos

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Caos Caos Caos (2 Zhang)

2010 years as a solo singer activities Whitehead is the pear, because each time you take a live dancers recordings and music videos are not exclusive and different, so Caos Caos Caos composition.

Chaos chaos chaos

2011 Nian 2 23, released the single "tear drops" to take this debut. The song aired as a movie "Detective Conan" theme song. June 22, released the single "far away ~ ~ te ge Aozora see above."

August 22, 2012, released the single "Let's stand up". December 1, GIZA Studio release compilation album "Christmas Non-Stop Carol", which included a concert by the Caos Caos Caos "AVE MARIA".

2013 Nian 10 2 April, released singles with the letter "papapa".

musical piece


song name (me ) Released
tear drops 2011-02-23
far away ~ ge blue sky supra te ~ 2011-06-22
Let's stand up 2012-08-22
papapa 2013-10-02

Writing for others

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song name (me) album Released
AVE MARIA (included in the compilation GIZA) Caos Caos Caos Christmas Non-Stop Carol 2012-12-01

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Caos Caos Caos works cover (5)

Caos Caos Caos's name comes from the Greek "chaos", the term the "chaos", "no order" significance, thus combined into a "want to make impossible to predict, not form nested, creative era in the form of music, "the idea. This is a cool style of dance. Melody beyond the traditional dance music, singing full of features Whitehead is the pear sad melody tells the listener, music can do (BARKS comment) .
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