Current popular rogue software is roughly generated by bundles.

Software bundled, almost involved in all aspects of the daily use of the computer, summarizing the following categories: instant messaging, web browsing, network search, virus killing, video play, English-Chinese dictionary, text Processing, image processing, etc., these bundles have occurred in the form of optional box when running the main program installation, such as the 3721 Internet access assistant bundled with Windows optimization masters.


Bundle is a hundred flowers. The bundle of software also has several forms: reminding and optional, the default plugin is installed, and unpredictable mandatory installation. It can be seen that the installation is reminded and optionally more humanized. After all, if you need it or you can say it yourself, because these bundled software is not only in a software, it may be bundled by many software, at installation There will be repeated phenomena, CNNIC Chinese mail URL, 3721 Internet access assistant, word search, network pig, small bee, Baidu search toolbar, green entertainment, etc., will be integrated in a variety of software.

Bundle as an extension of software functions is increasing by software authors, plus the opening of code, making software rewriting easier, there is a multi-version of software. For example, the famous MP3 playing software WINAMP applies a lot of plugins, which is used in the main program, if you don't cancel these plugins, it will be installed by default.


For many years, genuine software sales have been facing the encirclement of pirated software, and become a blockbuckike of genuine software, especially the developers who share the software in China, due to Online crack, piracy, making it difficult to profit from it, do not say survival in the soft sea. There is data show that the current domestic pirated software rate is still as high as 92%, and the piracy has caused a total of billions of dollars in the software industry. Then it is not difficult to see the product bundle of goods, become an effective means of combating piracy, and it is important to benefit software manufacturers to popularize genuine.

On the other hand, the promotion of software requires funds and time, and the OEM bundle with well-known and powerful software is a shortcut, which has also become the main source of software vendors and shared software. The shared software author expands the popularity of the software through the bundle of well-known manufacturers; the software manufacturer receives profits to software developers according to software OEM bundles. And the software vendor achieves the purpose of making profits in the marketing model other than the main software through the so-called extension. It can be said that both software vendors and sharing individuals, the bundles have brought them benefits, and achieve a win-win situation.

In any case, the temptation of the bundled is always stimulating the appetite of the software manufacturer. It is always integrated with free software in the main program. It can always keep you free, especially when you are more and more inseparable. When it chose to separate, and the back of the separation is to earn a greater interest.


Some bundlers are bundled with malicious viruses, which may cause a computer to crash. Sometimes forcibly delete, will appear after the next reboot, causing the user's trouble.

processing method

But when you don't understand what these plug-ins do, what should you choose? Although many software is attached to the protocol instructions with bundled software during software installation, most people will not pay attention. If the bundle is installed on your computer, you can first remove it, you can only re-install the system if you can't delete it. Be careful before installing the software, don't download the software through some strange software platforms, you must download it through normal channels.

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