Brussel University

School History

1830, with the independence of 9 regions from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it has formed today's Belgium. Only 3 universities at the time: root large, columns, and Leuven (Dutch). As the capital, Brussels did not have a university level higher education institution.

Brussel University

1831, the second year after the founding of the People's Republic of China, a group of Brussels celebrity in the world literature, science, and the education community proposed to establish a national university initiative with the educational tenet of "Europe's most free Kunming". However, the three universities in that time have already made the Belgian government, and the funds are stretched, so for this proposal, the government is refreshing.

With the support of Belgian Bishop, things appeared quickly: On November 20th, on the basis of Malines Original Catholic University, the Université Libre de Belgique, which is Today, Brussels. Free university predecessor.

1836, with the university's relocation, the school name is changed to Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) Brussels Free University, which is still adhering to the freedom of educational principles, so "Libre" is still retained. The image of the school badge is a sword of the big angel (2006, the school emblem has changed). Only 96 students in the early days of the establishment of the school have developed to date nearly 20,000. In 1970, ULB began to establish an Erasme University Hospital. The surrounding public health institutions and medical schools were combined, and the development is the whole world. Medical School. At the beginning, the statue of Brussels lawyers Pierre-Théodore Verhaegen, which is very important to support the school, stand in ULB's Solbosch Campus, named Saint Verhaegen - ULB's Celebration Day on November 20th. So far, the ULB University has three professors who have received Nobel Prize: 1919 Jules Bordet Nobel Medicine Award, 1974 Albert Claude Nobel Medicine Award, 1977 Ilya Prigogine Nobel Chemical Award.

In the 1960s, with the rise of the new economic industry in Flemland, in 1970, I was separated from ULB from ULB VUB, in the heart of the Brussels, etterbeek The development of the Dutch University is also concentrated in this campus, and another medical college is in Jette. Development has now accommodated 9,000 registered students, a library with a 350,000 book book.

Other information

Dutch Brussels Freederance from the Belgian Liberty University founded in 1834, 1970 The school is separated from Brussels in French District. Brussels Freelance Since the 1834 French Campus is scattered in the city of Brussels, Campus Du Solbosch and Campusde La Plaine are close to the urban area, and another medical school is located in Ande Lie, located in the west of Brussels, close to University Ilasmuus Teaching Hospital. In the early 1970th school, the scope of schools developed to Wallon, which was in Charles wow and Trui. The research center of the forest is even extended to Luxembourg, in addition to universities and Master's degree in Computer and Social Science in Niwei, and the Charler Wow is the administrative center of ULB University in the Wallon District. ULB has created a research environment founded in the Wallonia area, founded a research environment founded in 1970, the school from the French District of French district.

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