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BP (official English name: BP plc, formerly known as:. British Petroleum (BP), after BP referred to become the official name), is one of the world's largest private oil company (that is, one of the international oil seven sisters), is one of the world's top ten private enterprises Group. BP is the world's largest oil and petrochemical company. By the former British Petroleum. Amoco. Arco and Castrol companies such as consolidation and restructuring of the formation is the world's largest petroleum and petrochemical companies. The company's main business is the exploration and development of oil and gas; refining; gas marketing and power generation; oil products retail and transportation; and petrochemical products production and sales. In addition, the company's business in solar power generation is also growing. BP, based in London, England. The company's current market capitalization is about $ 200 billion, with over one million shareholders, employees there are 85,900 people.

John Brown's global power business leaders - on the topic "Fortune" reported in August 2003 translation "Fortune" in August of 2003 papers reported that the most influential outside the United States 25 among the business leaders, the British BPCEO John Brown (John Browne) topped the list. But after Shell's Phil Was just inherited a huge company, but John Brown is the merger Amoco (Amoco) and the 2000 acquisition of Arco (Arco) in 1998, BP succeeded in playing a super company. BP's CEO at the same time the Russian troops, created the largest joint venture for all Western investors, thus showing strength. 55-year-old John Brown, because of its practice of hiring staff and well-respected and loved female population, and because of efforts to advocate and promote green areas, making it more popular than their peers.

since 1973 to expand business in China, BP invested more than $ 4 billion in a series of commercial projects, and actively participate in China's economic construction. So far BP is China's largest offshore natural gas production enterprises, China's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) is the only foreign partners, petrochemical largest foreign-invested enterprises, China's largest liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and marketing business, the only involved in aviation fuel services foreign partners, and so on. The main joint ventures are: Hainan and Hong Kong to supply the Yacheng gas field, BP Guangdong LNG terminal and trunkline project, Secco, Ningbo East China BP Liquefied Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd., Zhuhai PTA, Chongqing Yangtze Acetyl, Blue Sky Aviation Fuel Services companies.


William Knox D'Arcy

William Knox D'Arcy (William Knox D'Arcy, 1849 ~ 1917 Nian ) in 1849 was born in Newton monastery in southwest England, educated at the prestigious Westminster School. In 1866 the family moved to Australia. His father was a lawyer Queensland city of Rockhampton Lanzhou, by the influence of his father to study law, after qualifying practice together with the Father. 1882 Morgan brothers acquired iron ore mining leases, mining and success Darcy added. In the turn of the century, a lot of investment in human and financial resources to Persia (Iran) oil field exploration. Darcy vision, judgment is correct, the establishment of the United Kingdom Persian Oil Company (Anglo-Persian Oil Company) in 1909, this is the predecessor of the famous British oil companies.


BP Chemicals International Company technical expertise in the process and production of ethylene, acetic acid and polyethylene. Ethylene, polyethylene production capacity each accounted for 10% of Western Europe, ranking second in Europe. With production of high density polyethylene and low density linear polyethylene by gas new process. Acetic acid production capacity accounted for 32% of the whole of Europe. BP International Petroleum patented technology in hydrotreating lubricating oils, distillate hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrotreating paraffins, catalytic dewaxing, and isomerization.

BP, based in London, England. 2010 company market capitalization of about $ 200 billion, with over one million shareholders. BP nearly 10,000 employees around the world, with production and business activities in over 100 countries. In 2003, BP Global 500 "Fortune" magazine ranked the top five, ranked 500 of Europe's first.

Business in China

Business Development

As one of the first to enter China's foreign-funded enterprises, BP since the beginning of 1973 to expand business in China, business in China expand over 30 years of history. Thirty years, BP actively involved in China's economic construction, is one of the leading investment of foreign companies in China. BP and outstanding performance in the development of China's rapid development makes China has always occupied an important position in BP's global marketplace.

BP in China has gone through three major stages.

early 1970s, we mainly engaged in chemical technology transfer and marketing.

Since the 1980s, we began to conduct oil and gas exploration and production offshore.

90 years, our business has grown in strength, has been extended to the import and sale of aviation fuel supply, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas, gas station retail business, production and sale of lubricants, development and application of solar power plant and chemical joint venture plant.

Over the past three decades, BP actively involved in China's economic construction. BP is China's leading liquefied petroleum gas import and operating companies and the only foreign participation in China Aviation Oil business. BP and Fuhua Group cooperation, in early 2003 to establish a world-class purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production base in Zhuhai. BP is one of the largest foreign investors in China's retail gas station network, the operation of the nearly 600 gas stations.

BP has become part of China's economic development from the development of a foreign-funded enterprises operating in China, and we have done everything aimed at achieving BP's core mission to work with the parties to seek sustainable development energy solutions in the 21st century and beyond in the future for the community to provide fuel, petrochemical products and services, improve the quality of people's lives.

2016 Nian 3 Yue 31 Ri, BP and China National Petroleum Corporation signed on Neijiang in Sichuan Basin - large enough block of shale gas exploration, development and production of production sharing contracts (referred to as the "PSC"). BP CEO Dai Deli and PetroChina chairman Wang Yilin, witnessed the signing of the contract. The contract is the first shale gas PSC BP signed in China, the block with a total area of ​​about 1,500 square kilometers. Petroleum is the operator of the project.

Business distributed

Yangtze River Delta ​​p>

BP Zhenhai Refining & Chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. liquefied gas

Ningbo East China BP Liquefied Petroleum Gas Ltd.

Suzhou BP LPG Co., Ltd.

BP and Sinopec refined oil retailing joint venture

BP Sinopec Nanjing acetic acid joint venture

< p> Pearl

Zhuhai PTA

BP Zhuhai LPG

liquefied petroleum gas bottle business

lube oil blending plant

BP and the oil refined oil retail joint venture

Guangdong LNG terminal station and Route project and supply

Nansha oil depot

Cheng far aviation fuel joint venture

blue sky aviation oil joint venture

Shenzhen garden Expo solar photovoltaic power generation project


Fujian LNG supply

BP Fujian Ltd. (liquefied petroleum / lubricants / retail)


Chongqing Yangtze acetyl acetate and acetic acid joint venture

< p> offshore gas field: Yacheng 13-1 gas field

BP is working with relevant government and partners will actively explore the Russian Far East natural gas pipeline exports to the Chinese market through

Beijing and Shanghai hydrogen fuel vehicle demonstration project

Tianjin lubricants plant project


2016 Nian 7 20, "Fortune" published the latest Fortune 500 charts, BP ranked tenth.

2018 In July 2009, "Fortune" Global 500 list released, BP ranked No. 8 in the "2018" Fortune "Global 500".

2018 Nian 12 18, compiled by the World Brand Laboratory "2018 World Top 500 Brands" announced, BP ranked No. 54.

2019 In July 2009, "Fortune" Global 500 list released, BP ranked seven.

January 2020, 2020 world's most valuable 500 brands list released, BP ranked No. 69.

2020 August 10, British Petroleum (BP) among the 2020 "Fortune" Global 500 list of the eight.

2021 Nian 5 Yue, BP ranked the "2021 Forbes Global 2000 companies" No. 351.

The main story

BP cooperation with the Fuhua Group in early 2003 to establish a world-class PTA production base.

BP joint venture Yangtze Acetyl Chemicals Co., Ltd. is one of China's largest acetic acid joint venture.

In 2001, BP became China's first LNG import terminal project located in Guangdong Province, the only foreign partners.

jointly by BP, Sinopec and Shanghai Petrochemical Shanghai Secco 900,000 tons ethylene project is one of the largest joint venture petrochemical project.

In March 2005, BP and Sinopec / YPC signed a joint venture contract, the two sides will build an annual output of 500,000 tons of acetic acid joint venture company in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

BP cooperation with the Guangzhou Development Industry (Holdings) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nansha co-operate world-class fuel oil and petrochemical products storage and transit projects. The project has been selected by Shanghai Futures Exchange is one of the designated delivery depot fuel oil futures.

BP is working with China's two major oil companies - PetroChina and Sinopec cooperation in Guangdong and Zhejiang respectively acquisition, renovation and operation of each of the 500 gas stations.

BP is China's leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and operating companies. BP China LPG business nine joint ventures in southern and eastern China, with a total investment of more than $ 250 million.

BP Group will invest in the construction of Nangang Industrial Zone in Tianjin Development Zone, the third BP lubricants blending plant in China, the total investment of the project is estimated at 1.5 billion yuan (US $ 230 million), which BP is the world's single largest investment in a lubricants blending plant.

oil spill

2010 Nian 5 on 5, the US Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused great concern in the international community, to the United States in many countries transport equipment and personnel to help United States to deal with pollution problems as soon as possible. Although there is a serious conflict between Iran and the United States on the nuclear energy project, also provides technical fight relief wells to the United States. July 15, 2010, BP announced a new underwater oil control device has been successfully covering the leakage point, "no more crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico."

Gulf of Mexico oil spill case, the British company (BP) there is "gross negligence and willful violations", as the main responsibility.


BP is the only foreign-funded enterprises to participate in China Aviation Oil business.

BP activities in China include production and import of natural gas, supply of aviation fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) import and marketing, retail gas station business, production and marketing of lubricants, solar power installations, chemical Chemical joint venture and technology transfer. BP is committed to long-term development in China, and contribute to China's energy security. BP is to further expand the existing cooperation between each other together with Chinese partners. We believe that the outcomes achieved so far only opened a corner of the curtain.

and US government business

BP already and the National Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) to reach an agreement, this oil and gas companies will be allowed once again to do business with the federal government.

"Deep Horizon" rig exploded in the offshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 and led to the oil spill after BP was temporarily barred from all contracts from the US government. The ban take effect in late 2012, leading to the existing BP fuel contracts with the military can not be renewed, the company can not lease more offshore oil and gas assets.

BP said that under the terms of the agreement March 12, 2014 announced that it has agreed to increase the security, operations, ethics and corporate governance requirements.

US Environmental Protection Agency, said the next five years, BP must hire an independent auditor of its annual assessment of whether compliance with the agreement, and the results fed back to the government. National Environmental Protection Agency also said that if BP considered a violation of the agreement, the agency can take corrective action.

agreement means that BP will qualify for the next Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease auction bidding.


2014 Nian 4 4, Argentina Chubut (Chubut) Prosecutor to initiate investigations against British Petroleum (BP), aimed at identifying the company's A extension root joint venture Pan American Energy ever bribe to government officials in 2007, in order to extend the Cerro oil field exploration rights.

Prosecutor Miguel Chubut Province - Meng Teya (Miguel Montoya) has submitted an application to the province's Attorney General launched an investigation related to BP, while Prior to this, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched a similar survey for British petroleum in 2010.

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