Black flower iris

morphological characteristics

Black flower iris (7 photos)

Black flower iris is a born herbaceous plant, plants are 35 cm high, and the plant base is surrounded. The membrane leaf sheath and fibers remain residual. Root stems are thick, branched, with a diameter of about 1 cm, oblique; need to be fine and short. Yeosheng, yellow-green, slightly bend, slightly wider, wide sword shape, 7-9 cm wide, top extraction or short-increasing, base sheath, have a non-obvious manner. Flower stems smooth, bracts 2-3, green, grass, marginal film, color, lanceolate or long ovoid, contain 1-2 flowers; flower shape is blue, color dark purple is dark, 12-15 cm in diameter; the peduncle is very short; the flowers are tube, long to 3 cm long, the upper end is expanded into a flared shape, the outer flowers are pulled by the flavors, the ovate, 5-6 cm long, about 4 cm long, the top The micro-concave, claw distal end-shaped, the medium has an irregular chicken coronae, which is not neat, the inner flowers are elliptical, 4.5-5 cm long, about 3 cm wide, and flow outside Ping exhibition, the claws suddenly become thinned; 6 pieces of petals, 3 pieces are vertical, and 3 pieces stand up. With light, each petals showed the most dark, with dark velvet spots, sparkling in the desert wind. The petals have textures, clear lines, delicate and transparent textures.

Nearly different differences

Jordan has 8 kinds of rare iris, including 3 kinds of colors are deep violet to chocolate, 5261 color easy to confuse with black flowers:

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Gilder Iris Black flower iris

School Name: Iris Atrofusca

This species strains are close to the black flower iris, and the color of the color is chocolate. Growth on Pellamountains.

purple iris

learning: < I> Iris Atropurpurea

Color Black Purple 4102.

Petra iris

learning : Iris Petrana

Color dark red 1653 colors.

Origin Habitat

The altitude height of the black-bistea flower is between 700-900 meters, Jordan is one of the top ten seriously lack of water in the world. The annual precipitation in the West Mountain and Jordan Valley area is between 380-630 mm, while the eastern desert area is bad, the temperature difference is large, dry, the wind is large, and the annual precipitation is less than 50 mm. The conditions of the black scorpi flower require a good drainous sand soil, the sunshine is more than 8 hours, the temperature does not be too low, humid and frost will affect its growth; the spheroid of this species does not require moisture in the long summer, hopordment in the soil, rain season After the first spring time, Jurdan's land has direct sunlight, and the sandy soil is also conducive to rapid drainage, which has adapted to the harsh environment in the region. It is only distributed in Jordan, which is the unique species of Jordan.

Reproduction method

Using a plant or a 2113 seeding method.

Plant is carried out after spring flowers or in the fall, and it is generally planted after 28 years. When dividing the root, pay attention to each block should have 2-3 uncertain buds.

The seeds should be planted immediately after maturity, and the real seedlings need to flow in 2-3 years. The planting distance is 45-60 cm, and the depth of plants is 7-8 cm. It can also be cultivated.

The main value of

The black flower iris has a very high ornamental value. End of the rainy season in the rainy season of the year, deep purple black iris flower, bloom in Jordan, becoming a visit to tourists from tourists.

Protection level

is included in the "Red Directory of Endangered Species" (IUCN) in 2016 (VU) in 2016.

Plant Culture

Jordan's national flower black flower iris has adapted to a sunshine environment. It evolves in a harsh environment and is blown by the wind to get unique colors that match the black eyes of the remote shepherd.

Black flower iris flower is likeland, mysterious, swaying in the mountain wind, there is a beautiful girl, the Middle Eastern girl in the cloud, hidden in the cold appearance, is fascinating , Heart. It is the national flower of Jordan. Symbolizing the royal family, hope, faith, brave and wisdom.

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