Biological security technology

The term definition

Biological security technology, the method of recognizing the change in biological itself is verified or identified according to the characteristics or behavioral characteristics of the biorestability. Modern biological security technologies emphasize the cost, 'speed, accuracy rate, error scrap rate (FAR) and error acceptance rate (FAR) of biological own identification. Many device means have an X value to confirm the balance between all the expected FRRs and FARs, making it difficult to pass. Mainly used for human identification. It can also be used for identification of item authenticity. The former has been used for customs, safety channels, finance and other departments to identify individuals; it is also used to open the door, unlock, and boot. Because biological characteristics extracted by biological security techniques are unique to this organism, they are not impossible to imitate in a quite long period, and they are favored.

Common biological security technologies are: human fingerprint, palm pattern, hand shape, fundus retinal vessel map, eye, facial features, sound pattern

fingerprint anti-counterfeiting

. Fingerprint is a pattern formed by the end of the human finger's end facial skin, which is the most important one in the handprint. This pattern formed in the palm palm is palmprints, and There are also on the foot. The fingerprint can be divided into hundreds of graphics. Each fingerprint is also combined into nearly 100 feature points, and the position and distribution of each characteristic point, the position, and the difference are different, and the specific pattern is specific. Sex, stability, genetic reaching the so-called "life is not changing, and it is different." Some people in France reported that the characteristics of the fingerprints were summarized in 4 species, and each fingerprint was about 100 details. The number of 61 digits was drawn, and about 5 billion people existed within a century, each There are ten fingers, that is, 50 billion fingers. After investigation, human beings may have absolute repeating fingerprints, so it is impossible to have two fingerprints in the world, so the fingerprint is a recognized individual identification absolutely reliable sign. It has been applied for a long time in the science of court. In the ancient my country, I have been cuisine, prove personal identity, and respect for the world, it can be seen that the fingerprint is a world-recognized and is a personal mark that cannot be imitated. It is now used for documents, credit cards, and various safety channels. Fingerprints are made as a specific sign, which can be made into a pattern identification or seal, admitted or excited in the card, card, document, notes, goods, paintings or outer packaging. The public can make macro-based, microscopic concluding comparison needs to be inspected by experts. In terms of channel security prevention, the existing entrance fingerprint automatic identification system is launched, as long as the entry is the designated finger fingerprint, the system is touched, the system is automatically identified. A fingerprint lock for anti-theft has been published.

palm grain and hand anti-counterfeiting

The formation of human hand palms and its specificity is the same as the fingerprint. Just in use, because the palm pattern can be used as the same identification after the overall separation. Such as the sacrifice anti-counterfeiting will use the anti-counterfeiting of the batch item to prevent some of the goods that may be "tuned" in some fakes. Hand palm can also be used for the channel security system. The palm shape is measured according to the humanological method, and the difference between everyone can be found, and the accuracy is far better than the palm. But it is also a way to distinguish a way.

DNA anti-counterfeiting

DNA (DNA) is present in all nucleated moving, plant, all genetic information in the biological, in DNA molecule. The coding region in the DNA structure, that is, a genetic gene or a gene sequence portion comprises 1/10 to 1/30 of DNA, which is part of the so-called genetic cryptographic region. For people to talk about 100,000 genetic genes, each of the four nucleotides of A, T, G, and C, are arranged in the DNA long chain of two complementarities in two complementarities. The total number of nucleotides is about 3 billion, such as randomly check two people's DNA maps, which is only 300 billion, which is much lower than the current population of the world, so it identifies individuals. The value can be seen as 100%. The first application of DNA fingerprints, such as Zjrggtry, British Leicester University, etc., was identified as an immigrant mother and the affiliate case, successful, enlisted by the scholars in the world, thus causing a huge change in the legal examination in personal identification. Like someone, any organism, whether it is animal or plants, as long as it is a eukaryotic organism, there is DNA in the nucleus, and the fragment of this DNA has polymorphism, which is a natural genetic genetic cryptok sign. Especially in high moving plants, the number of genes is extremely huge, more than base pairs (Basicpair.bp), if only hundreds of bp is sufficient, it can be seen that DNA is a password, and the room to choose is very broad. , It can be described as an inexhaustible and inexhaustible. In recent years, there have been DNAs to use DNA as a password anti-counterfeiting report and have DNA encrypted ink, which is used for signature. The Institute of Biology DNA Security Technology of Shandong Normal University has passed expert identification. They constructed a new plasmid vector, realizing a large number of DNA molecules in a large number of DNA molecules, and the detection method of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) was established by DNA clone technology. Since DNA molecules are non-toxic, it is very stable, soluble in water and partially polar solvent, water or other solvents can be added to the product or packaging. Shandong Normal University Biology Project Group has incorporated the feasibility of the sequence of plant DNA passwords into oil, glue, cosmetics, and low-alcoholic liquor to study the feasibility of its commodity security. Since PCR detection requires special equipment, it is currently located that the DNA password is still an expert anti-counterfeiting method. In the true and false lawsuit of bulk products, it is a huge role in obtaining reliable scientific evidence through expert identification. Nankai University Gold Security Technology Research Institute, grafted DNA gene twin helical bonds on photochemical recognition materials. This has amplified multiple genes, gradually serializing, and has synthesized a plurality of photochemicals such as fluorescence, photoloration, light magnet, and photochemical materials. After the grafting is successful, the existing detection method can be simplified. By observing whether the DNA password that can determine the sequence of DNA passwords in the indicator of fluorescence or color development, the door is opened to the promotion application.

Human eye bottom retinal vascular image anti-counterfeiting

Human eye bottom retinal blood vessel image of anti-counterfeiting, human eyeball retina central artery, in the fundus to the nerve nipple, two, then in retinal The upper and lower rhini sides of the temporal side are divided into four small arteries, various small arteries, various small arteries, and various small arteries, and more, smaller, smaller, and even forming a four-way eight-fold capillary network. Therefore, the clinician observes the vascular diagram of the eye diagnosis of the disease. The step-by-step branch of these blood vessels, such as the step-by-step grade of the Tiantian tree, is divided into the blade that is difficult to count, and there is no other fundus blood vessel map, such as an individual's vascular vascular variation or daytime variation. Old sex lesions of blood vessels or fundus, adding special signs of identification. Therefore, it is a preferred method of the fundus retinal vessel map as a personal identification in court. This method is currently anti-counterfeiting, mainly the channel security system. Take the retinal vessel map with a double-tube CCD camera to take the retinal vessel, and store the lattice. When verifying, the subject uses a "eyepiece" with the storage side of the storage side, which emits a very weak infrared, transmitting the cornea, crystal, and scans the retinal vascular network and obtain information. The information is converted into a number, with a microcomputer processor and a stored fundus retinal vessel image alignment, and finally the determined or negative conclusion. If the safety gate system set with the machine department channel is matched, the security door is automatically opened, such as negative, ie the alarm signal is issued. This system has applied abroad. According to reports, a video image system that can take a vocal vascular diagram of a few feet has been launched, more convenient to use.

Human eye iris image anti-counterfeiting

Human eye iris is located after the eye cornea, before the crystal. Its color varies depending on the color of the pigment. In addition to individual minorities, our country is more brown. The iris is visible through the cornea, and a small hole is called pupil, and the pupil is too dark, and it can be automatically reduced or expanded. The disc-shaped iris is centered on the center of the pupil, and the radiant texture and small sediment is like a skirt. Pupil shrink hour terabyps change; the pupil is expanded when the pupil is enlarged, and the texture, blood vessels, spots, etc. are different. It is reported that IRISCAN has been developed by IRISCAN, which has been examined - the iris automatic recognition apparatus has obtained patents. This instrument can take a few feet of video images to identify individuals. This method is more convenient for the retinal vessel image.

Facial feature anti-counterfeiting

The face is different, or both a pair of twin sons can also be measured in human behemologic methods. For example, the point, line between the respective anatomical parts of the face is measured, and the facial heat phase is scanned with the infrared line, and the personal identification of the person can be made, and the computer automatic recognition system can be established for the identification of the security channel entry. There are too many factors that are influenced after the world's face, so there are not many developers who are involved in this developer. The anti-counterfeiting

sound pattern anti-counterfeiting, people's language is human language center and A complex physiological and physical process between pronunciations. Each person's voice acoustic characteristics have both relative stability, and variability, not absolute, and constant. This variation can be from physiology, pathology, psychology, simulation, camouflage, and related to environmental interference. Despite this, in general, the identification of the sound pattern can still distinguish between the people or statutory is the sound of the same person. The voiceprint is a sound wave spectrum that carries a speech information displayed by the electroacoustic instrument. It is feasible to use it to demonstrate the identity to prevent counterfeiting, and its significance is much better than the conditions for court science. Because of the voices used for anti-counterfeiting, the entry conditions when storing and identify can create a typical environment, which is conducive to sound identification. Voice identification system can be used for credit card, bank ATM, door, key card, authorized computer, sound lock, and specific channel port of special channel port. The card holds the card into the socket into the junction of the dedicated machine, reads out the prior stored code through a microphone. After the instrument receives the sound of the read, you can automatically identify it.

Identification instrument

The measurement device for biological anti-counterfeiting technology applications include: fingerprint (palm-grade) identification, dynamic sound pattern, facial features, retinal, DNA animal and plant characteristics, and the like.

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