Biological pyramid

Ecological Pyramid puts the number, biomass or energy of each nutrient-level organism in the ecosystem, in order of nutrient-level, and draws a picture, its shape is like a pyramid, referred to as an ecological pyramid or ecology cone. It can be divided into energy pyramids, biomass pyramids and quantity pyramids. The ecological pyramid represents the nutritional structure and energy flow process of the ecosystem. As shown in Figure 1, each time a nutrient level, the total energy flow is reduced once, and the transmission rate of energy in the step-grade flow is generally only a few percent. 20%, RLLINDE-MAN, in the study of lake ecosystems, first discovered that the transfer rate between each nutrient stage is about 10%, and is called "1/10 rules". In general, the energy cone must be positive and pyramid, and the biomass cone and the quantity cone may be inverted or partially inverted. Biological pyramid

Nutritional level: refers to the sum of all biotic groups on the annual part of the food chain. The producer is the first nutrient stage, and the planting animal is a second nutritional stage. The third nutrient level includes all meat animals that are eaten with dialogue, and the number of nutrients in the ecosystem is 3 ~ 5. Ecological pyramid refers to the quantity relationship between individual nursed, which can use biomass units, energy units, and individual quantities, which constitute biomass pyramids, energy pyramids, and quantity pyramids. Energy Pyramid: means that the energy value obtained by each nutrient level in unit time is pyramid from a pyramid of the graphic made from low to high painting, called energy pyramid. The lower the nutritional level, the more energy it occupies; it is, the higher the nutritional level, the less energy, the less energy. Therefore, the volume of the pyramidal tower is the largest, the more it is, the smaller it. The energy pyramid is never invert. As can be seen from the energy pyramid: in the ecosystem, the more nutrients, the more energy consumed during the energy flow process. Biomass pyramid: is a pyramid drawn in each nutrient-level biomass. This type of pyramid is generally not invert in the terrestrial ecosystem.

Biological Pyramid: It is a pyramid drawn in accordance with the number of biological individuals per nutrient level. This type of pyramid often occurs inverted.

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