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"Being With You" (StoriesUntold) is Lin Junjie’s 10th album released when he debuted for 10 years. The theme is inspired by a trip to the UK between him and his brother, Lin Junjie I was inspired by sharing my thoughts with my brother and reminiscing about my childhood. I hope to find my original self and the simplest happiness through this album. From Singapore to Taiwan alone, from obscurity to small achievements, thanks to the help and support of many people along the way, this album is named "Being in You", and Lin Jun also thanked everyone for supporting him and accompanying him. People.

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The album was produced by Lin Junjie, and he also invited his brother Lin Junfeng and many friends in the circle to help out. Mayday cross knife production, Ashin's chorus and chorus of "Dark Knight" MV, Wang Leehom performed a wonderful violin performance "Mr. Baroque" on the album. Big Mouth member Zhang Huaiqiu not only played the role of Rapper in "Friends Talk", but also participated in the micro Filming of the movie. In addition, Charlene Choi has acted as the heroine for the album's title song "Being Because of You", and Guo Caijie also acted as the voice-over actress for the "Cultivation of Love" animated micro-film.

In order to commemorate Lin Jun’s outstanding achievements in the past ten years, ten MVs and ten micro-movies were shot for this album to fully present the music content through images. The record company invited 10 well-known film, commercial, and MV directors, as well as multinational photography and production teams, to tailor an exclusive plot for each song in the album. From the opening of the project to the completion of the shooting, the planning and production period is as long as six months. Lin Junjie personally communicated ideas and scripts with all directors, and the ten micro-films finally exposed also included a variety of styles.

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From the perspective of music, this album is of a very high standard. "Because of You" and "Remember Me After A Thousand Years" are two songs, each with ingenuity. The former Wang Yajun fills in the lyrics to play the old lyrics solitaire, and the latter Lin Junjie sings together with the fans. The collage of old songs such as "Jiangnan" and "A Thousand Years Later" can be heard everywhere in the lyrics and music. For fans, the commemoration of these two songs is obvious.

Perhaps because it is a commemorative album, Lin Junjie wants to express his aspirations from different sides as much as possible, so this time there are only three love songs that accounted for at least half of the previous albums. "Cultivating Love" has a real story as an introduction, and an animated film's plot aid. Then listen to the lyrics filled by Yi Jiayang, and you will naturally hear more feelings. The arrangement of "Zero Kiss" inherited the gorgeous orchestra-like organization of "I Can't Learn", the mood is more intense, and the singing is more difficult. "Ten Seconds of Impulse" written by Yao Ruolong, recalls a relationship that ended because of impulse. At this moment, the inner miss and pain, the lyrics are very graphic. The frequency of JJ Lin’s breathing pauses during singing is perfectly integrated with the piano string music of the substrate. Compared with "Zero Kiss", the intensity of the arrangement is much weaker, and the emotions are heard more clearly.

The collaboration with Mayday, Leehom Wang, brother Lin Junfeng, and Big Mouth Huaiqiu is another highlight of the record. In "The Dark Knight", you can hear the harmony of piano and rock, hear the sense of justice and faith of the six people, and seem to see the scenes of their enthusiasm during the training. "Airplane" is the most affectionate node in the album. The tacit understanding of brothers is unmatched. There are simple pictures of memories in a song, touching moments of long-lost reunion, and simple reminders about the future. Love is stronger than Jin Jian. . As for Wang Leehom, it is right not to offer his voice. Playing a small classical adaptation of the violin is neither overwhelming nor provoking disputes. From the overture, "OneShot" has a continuation, innovation, and constant persistence. Continued the tradition of one English song per album, continued the grafting of classical and popular like "Resonance of Soul", and innovatively added electronic elements and Rap. The lyrics are a prayer of Lin Junjie. It is not only a simple summary of the ten-year history, but also a response to people who have questioned themselves. He is still standing on the stage and sings "NoPain, NoGain". Enough confidence. "Friends Say", which cooperated with Big Mouth Huaiqiu, gave Lin Junjie a chance to dance again after "No Trendy No Need to Spend Money". Such electronic dance music has always been the favorite of nightclub cafes.

"Sunshine in the Cracks" and "Things to Do Later", these two slow-moving R&B works, did not choose the theme of the love song, but conveyed warm and inspirational positive energy. "Sunshine in the Cracks" reminds us not to forget our original intention in adversity and not to give up. "Things to do in the future" expresses the collection of every step in the past, remembering the end point you want to reach, and creating a path to the future with every step of the present.

On the whole, "Being Because of You" (StoriesUntold) is very popular and it can easily be sung into the hearts of the audience. The most basic bottom line of JJ Lin's music album is quality and standard, and this album is still a 10th anniversary album, not to mention flaws in production and quality.

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