Architectural decoration

A Summary

cover new decorative surface on the existing main building, designed to further improve and make up for the effect of the existing building space, is also inadequate space at the building the building space to meet the requirements, the more a means of personality. Building Decoration able to make the building meet people's visual, tactile enjoyment, to further improve the spatial quality of the building, so the building decoration has become a modern construction projects indispensable part.

Note: For architectural decoration, there are still several habitual argument, such as architectural decoration, building renovation, construction and decoration. From the use of three terms in the formal documents of view, "architectural engineering construction and acceptance" (JGJ73-91) and Construction Engineering Quality Inspection and Evaluation Standards "(GBJ301-88) follows the architectural term" construction quality Control regulations "and" interior decoration of buildings for fire protection design "(GB5022-1995) follows the" word building renovation. " From the point of view of the meaning of three terms, "architectural" reflects the surface layer treatment is more appropriate, "decoration" of the term and primary treatment, the keel settings and other projects more in line with the content. The decor of the term was intended to refer Biaohua. In addition, the term decoration more and more widely in actual use. For these reasons, we decided to adopt this specification the term "decoration" and "Interior Architecture" be defined. The meaning of "building decoration," the term set forth in this section include the "architectural" currently used "building renovation" and "construction and decoration."

Architectural decoration


building decoration indoor and outdoor space type: home, office buildings, shopping malls, stores, hotels, rooms, restaurants and bars, karaoke bars, discos, Office space type of leisure and fitness, sports management, exhibition theaters, museums, libraries, schools, hospitals, factories, clubs, gardens, the sales center, Park Plaza, airports, travel station.


by the People's Republic of China Housing and Urban-Rural Construction approved, Southeast University School of Architecture Professor Gao Xiang Sheng presided over the "housing construction interior decoration drawing standards" written approval of the Department of Housing and on 4 July by the national bulletin. This is also the decoration design industry in my country's first national industry standards.

initiated by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Standard Quota sponsored "housing construction interior decoration design graphics standards" started in September 2009, the standard jointly by the Southeast University School of Architecture and Construction Group, Jiangsu Guangyu editor, a number of units in Nanjing will also be also involved in the development. The preparation work has been completed, for the country and call for amendments to the relevant units. So far, the editorial board of the book has received feedback from a number of industry professional scholars. Professor Gao Xiang Health Organization aim of this seminar is to do these transports and collects feedback and a finishing, and determine the final publication program, the success of the seminar also indicates that the "standard" has entered the final stage of preparation. Compiled to, the preparation process made a lot of painstaking work "after"

"The standards are developed in a comprehensive analysis of more than 30 domestic and foreign cartographic standards, Professor Xiangsheng said: the move the purpose is trying to make the standard expression of a more standardized, unified, in order to better guide practitioners construction practice.

decoration industry in China has already developed into a large pet industry, but so far, our country there is no uniform industry standards, a lot of decoration companies to come up with the customer's design drawings are "corporate standard", which would give the development of the industry caused a huge risk, making an already rigorous program chart, construction plans would turn out a lot important means home improvement company manufacturing commercial trap

As Professor Gao Xiang Sheng said: unified standard is needed in the development of industry, social advancement is the inevitable approval of the Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural development of standard Quota. we have prepared "housing construction interior decoration design graphics standards", its purpose is to unify the language design illustration helps improve design quality, and create a favorable domestic and international competitive environment. uniform national industry standards so that we can design communication and design, design and construction and design and property owners more efficient and convenient.

preparation of "housing construction interior decoration design drawing standards", marking the promulgation of the decoration decoration industry gradually moving towards legalization and standardization so that our design drawings and construction work will be rules to follow.

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