Anhui Geological Mineral Exploration Bureau Second Hydrological Engineering Geological Exploration Institute


Anhui Provincial Summit Second Hydrological Engineering Geological Exploration Institute, affiliated to the Anhui Geological Mineral Exploration Bureau, the state is working in the business unit, located in Huang, Wuhu, Wuhu, Minjiang Shandong Road Geological Technology Building, the Standing Director Unit of the China Geological Disaster Prevention and Control Engineering Industry Association is the only diamond to find a professional team in Anhui Province, which has made a major breakthrough in the Rail Railing in Anhui Province --- 栏 Regional Diamond Census Project, Suzhou Diamond Finding Achievements Get the High Evaluation of the Department of Land and Resources and China.


engineering company

company business scope is a variety of pile foundations, weak foundation treatment, foundation pit support; urban control, rocks and Underground blasting and demolition; non-excavated pipeline laying project; hydrodynamic wells, geothermal wells; survey, design, construction and supervision project of various geological disasters prevention and control. The first-class project manager qualification is 15 (including 12 leading construction engineers), 12 of the second-level construction engineer qualifications, including 105 professional technicians, 29 senior engineers, various engineers 66 people. The company registered capital of 1.65 million yuan, total assets of 42.1 million yuan, mechanical equipment 18.56 million yuan. Since the establishment of the company, he successfully completed the "Hefei Gujing Building, Hefei Business Capital, Provincial Power Grid Production Dispatch Building, Hefei CBD Central Square, Hefei Wanjia Ginza, Wuhu Finance Treasury Building, Wuhu Room Mountain Hospital Ward Complex, Wuhu Government Center, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Jingfu Expressway, Wu Xuan Expressway, Wuwa Expressway, He Xu Expressway Some Bridge Piers "and other pile foundations and weak foundation treatment project;" Wuhu Ginzi Building, Guangzhou Tianhe Building, Hefei Sanrong Building, Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge North Anchor pit "and other foundation pit support projects; geological disaster prevention and control projects such as the Three Gorges area, Shannan Mountains. The company has won the honorary title of "Results", "Excellent Enterprise", "Anhui Integrity Construction Unit", "Safety Advanced Units", "Quality Management Advanced Enterprise", "Safety Advanced Unit" and "Quality Management Advanced Enterprises", "Anhui Advanced Unit" and "Quality Management Advanced Enterprise".

Survey Institute

Anhui Second Hydrological Engineering Survey Institute, the original Wuhu Diwater Engineering Survey, founded in 1990, is located in Huangshan East Road, Wuhu, Minjiang, Minjiang. With engineering survey, geotechnical geotechnical engineering, hydrological geological grade qualification certificates have obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, which includes geotechnical engineering, hydrological geological surveys, measurement, physical exploration, experimental testing, geological disaster prevention investigation, design. Since the establishment, the comprehensive strength of our hospital has gradually developed, and there are 103 employees. There are 65 professional and technical personnel, including 1 professor senior engineer, 23 senior engineers, 22 engineers, registered civil (geotechnic) ) 3 engineers, 1 registered safety engineer. Our technical force is strong, the construction means is advanced, the method is complete, the equipment is excellent, and it has a variety of supporting professional equipment. The more of the instrument is more set, with the ability to undertake large, complex venue survey, design, construction project, and in Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong and other places have undertaken more than 1,000 geotechnical surveys, engineering measurements and other projects, 100% quality qualification rate, which is available, and a number of excellent project survey projects. Our school's business tenet, implement scientific management, meet customer requirements, expand the service area, and strive for engineering quality, and abide by the reputation.

Surveying House

Anhui Second Water Surveying Court (predecessor is the Self-studying Subsapping Statement of Anhui Second Hydrological Engineering Survey, and the Anhui Second Water Survey Institute was established in 1987) in 1987. The second hydrological engineering geological exploration department of Anhui Provincial Summit is affiliated to the National Surveying Bureau. It has issued a post-map qualification certificate. There are 12 professional surveying and mapping senior engineers, 25 surveying engineers, 22 surveying assistant engineers. Advanced internal and external management technology equipment: global satellite positioning system RTK-GPS dynamic receiver multiple sets and high-precision static GPS receivers four sets; 10 sets of imported prism unit; 11 internal deposits Set of 25 sets of handheld handheld, digital, plotter, and sun japonici. It is a strong professional technical team, which has won the glorious title of "Youth Civilization", "Innovative Learning Organization" and "Wuhu City Workers Pioneer".


Anhui Provincial Subject Survey Second Hydrological Engineering Geological Survey Institute Geological Survey Institute, established in 2000, is a provincial institution, is a special geology Investigation and the team of local business geological exploration projects.

Main business scope: hydrological geology, engineering geology, environmental geological exploration evaluation; liquid mineral resources exploration; provincial, city, county mine geological environment protection planning and geological disaster prevention and control planning; groundwater resources, underground hot water, Drinking natural mineral water resources exploration evaluation; geological disaster risk assessment; geological disaster survey and zoning; geological disaster exploration, design; geological park inspection, planning and declaration; land reclamation planning design; mine geological environment recovery governance planning and design; Mine geological exploration evaluation, groundwater governance design, agricultural geology, medical geological investigation, etc.

Main qualification: Geological disaster risk assessment, geological disaster prevention engineering exploration, geological disaster prevention engineering design, geological disaster prevention project Disaster Prevention and Treatment Project Supervision 4 Level A qualifications; hydrological geology, engineering geology, environmental geological investigation of grade A qualifications; liquid mineral exploration of the qualification.

I have 25 engineers and technicians, including 11 senior engineers, 9 engineers. 50 sets of advanced instruments and equipment. Completion of the city, county-level geological disaster investigation and zoning, underground hot water resources survey, urban geological survey evaluation, geological disaster exploration and design, environmental geological survey evaluation, geological disaster prevention and control plan, more than 40 provinces and municipal geological surveys projects . Won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Awards in Anhui Province, 1 national scientific and technological achievement award, and 10 outstanding report results prizes.

Regularly broaden the service area, and further develop in the mine hydrological geological exploration, mine land water governance design, mine geological environment protection planning and agricultural geological investigation, etc., the technical force is further grown, The professional advantage of the hydraulic ring has been unanimously recognized and praised in the industry.

Exploration Institute

Mineral Exploration Institute of Mineral Exploration Institute, Wuhu Yangzi Mineral Resources Reserves Dynamic Testing Center. There are 17 in-service employees, including 8 senior professional technical titles of solid minerals and 5 intermediate titles.

The main engaged in solid mineral exploration, mine resource reserves dynamic inspection, construction project compulsory mineral resources survey, mine geological environmental protection and comprehensive governance program preparation and mine various technical consultations, services, etc. It is the only professional and technical team in Anhui Province engaged in the exploration of diamond synthetic deposits. Successfully completed large iron mineral exploration, diamond mineral conditions predictive research, floral limestone deposit details, Sarase Group large cement with gray rock deposit, medium-sized rock deposit resource reserves, city (county) level mineral resources overall plan Ten various reports. The footprint is spread all over the province.

With the arrival of a new round of mine boom, the wish is dedicated to providing technical support for the Administrative Department of Land and Resources, serving the majority of mining rights, and making the economic advantage for the economic advantage of governments at all levels. The dedicated contribution.

Qualification certificate

Geological disaster risk assessment of grade A; geological disaster management engineering exploration leads; geological disaster management engineering design grade A; geological disaster management project construction leads; geological disasters Governance Engineering Supervision History; Liquid Mineral Exploration A; Solid Mineral Exploration Hydrozen; Hydrological Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geological Survey Grade A; Engineering Survey Professional Geotechnical Engineering, Hydrological Geological Grade; Foundation and Basic Engineering Level; geological experiment test (rock mine identification, rock mineral test) is class B; engineering measurement, marine surveying, cadastagism, real estate surveying and mapping, and grades of geological drill (pit).

Quality Certification

is the provincial level unit for the provincial organ archives target management. Anhui Geological Engineering Company, Anhui Second Hydrological Engineering Survey has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification.

Team Structure

Our hospital has 449 in-service employees, of which 194 are engineers and technicians, 41 people with senior titles, 96 people with intermediate titles, 57 for junior titles People, enjoy one expert in the government subsidy of the State Council. With various qualifications, registered builders, registered geotechnical engineers, registered safety engineers, registered supervision engineers, and 28 certificates. Has a variety of large and medium-sized equipment, more than 500 sets of instruments.

Business range

hydrological geological exploration; engineering geological exploration; environmental geological exploration; underground hot water, shallow geothermal exploration and development, mineral water exploration; solid mineral exploration, reserving Detection; geophysical exploration; rock, mineral, soil and water quality analysis; geological exploration engineering construction; engineering measurement; geoscum engineering survey and design; construction; construction land geological disaster risk assessment; geological disaster prevention and control engineering exploration, design , Construction, supervision, mining geological environment, restoration, land resilings, etc.

Get Honor

June 2020, was awarded the title of "The 12th Anhui Civilization Unit".


Dean: Ma Word Professor Advanced Engineer

Party Secretary: Sen Xin Quan Senior Politician

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