The responsibility item of the main responsibility is as follows:

1, agency office, distribution, asset registration, daily management;

2, office Regional indoor and outdoor environmental hygiene, greening, beautification daily management;

3, office facilities, low-value consumables procurement, distribution, card registration and storage;

4, office Safety fire protection, ensuring that fire protection facilities always keep intact;

5, the security personnel training, management, supervision, and attendance;

6, the office daily management, dispatch, maintenance, Account registration, accounting;

7, contact with relevant units;

8, file transceiver processing and archiving;

9, complete other work hosted by the leadership .

Company administrative operation section is described.

Professional Overview

Administrative Management is a management activity using national power to social affairs. You can also refer to administrative affairs management of all enterprises and institutions.

Administrative management system is a class of organizational systems. It is an important division system for social systems. With the development of society, administrative management is increasingly wide, including economic construction, cultural education, municipal construction, social order, public health, environmental protection and other aspects. Modern administrative management multi-application system engineering ideas and methods to reduce human, material power, financial and time spending and waste, improve administrative efficiency and efficiency.

Core function

is responsible for the company's overall administrative operation and management; responsible for the maintenance of the company's foreign public relations; responsible for logistics management and company security work; maintenance of corporate image, create a good office environment .

Main functions

1. Responsible for the arrangement of the Zheng / Deputy General Manager Working schedule, planning and business trip, and prepare related matters;

2, responsible for uploading Reporting documents of department (molecular companies); Dash Company and Positive / Deputy General Manager for approval, signing, issued documents and follow up on documents;


3, organizing general manager office meeting And the company's various sections and secretarial work;

4, responsible for company printing and printing management;

5, responsible for the collection and finishing of the company's daily operation information, and to related leaders Report;

6, responsible for the company's external reception, public relations, and company spokesperson to ensure the company's good operating environment and external image;

7, responsible for the construction of the company website and Group, editing, maintenance;

8, responsible for developing, applying, confirming company documents and printing, copying management in addition to financial sector;

9, responsible for company management system , Review, review, release, implementation, implementation, supervision;

10, responsible for the plan, procurement, storage and distribution of company office supplies;

11, responsible for company properties and office facilities Equipment Management (Network System);

12, Managing Company Document Archives (except personnel files), and is responsible for its security, confidentiality;

13, responsible for various rules of the company System, company-level meeting minutes, work discipline implementation of administrative supervision;

14, responsible for the standardization management of company office behavior and etiquette;

15, responsible for company security and fire protection Work;

16, responsible for the review of the various licenses of the company and the subscriptions of various newspapers and magazines;

17, responsible for the social insurance payment of the company employee and the reflexion;

18, responsible for accounting company employee compensation;

Other functions

1, responsible for developing planning and annual work plans for this department, and organizing implementation;

2, responsible for the development of various business management systems, processes, and organizational implementation;

3, responsible for the training of employees of this department;

4, responsible The assessment of this staff employee;

5 is responsible for completing other work arrangements in the superior.

6, responsible for the improvement of employee benefits

Basic quality

Ideological quality

has good personal products, honor and dedication Strong spirit, strong career, high self-success look, strong thinking. Only have good personal morality, high self-success look forward to and dedication, and make every fine job can improve the quality and level of the entire enterprise administrative management, thereby improving the overall level of enterprises and quality.

Psychological quality

Be brave in innovation, rich, willful, flexible, strong inclusive, strong achievements, good condition, good, optimistic. Enterprise administrative structure, may change the work range of administrative personnel accordingly, and corporate administration work often encounter some mutations, so there is only good strain ability to control Enterprise administrative management work. Further administrative management work is a daily work. Enterprise leaders cannot arrange the work that needs to be taken every day, which requires administrative staff to play their own initiatives and actively bear the corresponding work tasks.

Physical quality

is healthy and energetic. Administrative managers must serve the leadership, the workload is sometimes super-load, and the staff will require the staff to have a good body, with sufficient time and energy service leadership, service the masses.

Power quality quality, strong communication and coordination, good at literacy, public relations social networking capacity, rich in creative thinking, planning and research ability, discovering problems and dealing with crisis , Good at authorization and interpersonal relationship management, have certain decision-making capabilities. As a comprehensive department, corporate administration is to serve the company's global work. It is necessary to stand in the global perspective to think of a big event. It is a big thing, do "five matters considerations", big events take the initiative to consider, we must consider it in advance, urgent matter, the whole situation Considering things that leaders think about him. Administrative staff should be good at analyzing problems and dare to seek questions and do "trunk". In the case where some relationships in the enterprise have not been compliant, there will be some friction and mutual pulling problems between the various departments. How is these contradictions coordinated, how to stress, if we do this in accordance with the intention of the leadership, reduce the friction and internal consumption between various departments, block the dredge, which is conducive to deployment and decision-making Implementation. This requires administrative personnel, takes into account the overall situation, knowing the whole, and seeks to work, and actively actively works well.

Knowledge quality, professional requirements

rich administrative office management and related field expertise. Understand other department workflows and services, master the overall organization, with relevant information on strategic management, human resource management, financial management, production management. As the "Surveyor" of the company, the "propaganda" to help the company will help the company's "waiter", provide information information, asking administrative staff to have expertise, and understand other sector workflows And the business, master the overall situation and information, with relevant strategic management, human resource management, financial management, production management, etc., based on comprehensive, large amounts, go to the falsification, to the crude, thus and each, by the table And in the comparison, analysis, processing, synthesis, identify the problem of regular, universal. For each company, all departments have neither simply column, engage in flexible summary, and can not be separated from the actual arbitrary high, design "Aerial Pavilion". To provide high-level, high-quality "practical products" for leadership decisions, provide accurate and timely intelligence information information for each department.

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