2020 China's most valuable brand 100

Selection principles

Through 34 provinces (districts, municipalities), total 3,200 key brands in the country, the industry involves food beverage, textile and apparel, medical production, financial IT, furniture building materials, 38 industries such as real estate, automotive, based on financial analysis, consumer behavioral analysis and brand share analysis, identified candidate brands, invited 100 companies, scholars, and officials to qualify for compliance with requirements To make a selection, more internationally accepted, mainly according to the main income, main profit, total assets, net assets, research and development, advertising investment, etc. according to the independence of the company, and to speculate on the excess profit in the future, and then Combined with industry characteristics, market conditions, brand market status, brand history and other factors, the candidate brand is discharged, and some candidate brands have been visited, and 100 most value brands are selected from China.

list analysis

This brand, 45 brands worth more than 100 billion yuan, another 41 brands worth more than 10 billion yuan, the total value of the brand is 97743.87 100 million yuan, an increase of 7.65 percentage points from the previous year. The brand value of year-on-year, confirmed that China's brand companies have achieved fruitful achievements in the economic new normal, and their efforts and progress have been obvious.

From the industry distribution, on the brand's top list, a total of 24 industries are involved, of which financial is the largest industry in which they are selected, and there are 14 brands, accounting for 14% of total number of candidates. The selection of the second to fifth industries is car (12, accounting for 12%), real estate (9, accounting for 9%), medical (7, accounting for 7%), textile and apparel ( 6, accounting for 6%). From the perspective of regional distribution, on the brand's top list, a total of 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities have a finalist brand, and the top three in the list is Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai (Jiangsu), and the number of brands is 31. Home, 20, 9, 9. The headquarters of the enterprise in the list is basically consistent with the degree of development of China's economy.

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