Tonic squid

Realized ingredients

raw material One

200 grams of squid meat. 100 grams of 荸 荠, 10 grams of water fungus, 25 grams of 黄, 15 grams of egg white. 15 grams of wine, 3 grams of brine, 15 grams of wet starch, 10 grams of onion, 5 grams of ginger, 15 grams of pepper, 15 grams of sesame oil, 450 grams of cooked pig (45 grams of oil).

raw materials 2

squid meat ... 400 grams

Li Wei tablets ... 50 grams

(deabling)黄 黄 段 .... 50 grams

Coriander leaves ... 10 pieces

water fungus ... 25 grams

salt .... 5 grams

Tonic squid

Egg white ... 1

onion .... 0.5 grams

Shao wine ..... 50 grams < / P>

white pepper ... 1 gram

white vinegar ..... 50 grams

squid bone soup. 250 grams

Ginger is not ..... 1 gram

Cooked lard ... 500 g

water starch .... 20 grams (about 100 grams)

< P> Sesame oil ... 100 grams

production method

practice 1

Put the fish, plus the wine, salt, egg clear, The wet starch is mixed on the upper pulp, heat it on the wok, put the oil to 40% heat (about 88 ° C), put the fish fillets, and the fish fillets fall out of the milk. The original pot is still fire, leave the oil, put the onion ginger and fragrant, then put it in the Huanghuang section and other ingredients, add the squid bone soup, plus wine, salt boil, pour the fish fillet, use water starch Hook, pick it into sesame oil, put into the deposit in the pan, sprinkle with pepper, put on the coriander leaves. At the table, the ginger vinegar plate

practice 2

1. Growing the fish meat is about 5 cm, the width is about 2.7 cm, the thickness of about 0.7 cm, and put into the bowl Add eggs and mix, then add 2.5 grams of salt, 20 grams of water starch.

2. Enter the pot on the fire, pick it into a ripe lard, burn to 40% heat, put into the fish fillet, lightly dispel with iron spoon, to the fish tablet white, pour Irilor oil seal. 75 grams of the original oil, still in the fire, put the onion, the ginger is not fried, then put in the 黄 段, 荸 荠, fungus, pour the squid bone soup, plus wine, salt salt 2.5 grams Boil, remove the floating foam, pour the fish fillet and boil. Take the sesame oil, pick up the pan, sprinkle with white pepper, put on the coriander leaves. When the table, it is equipped with a vinegar.

Process key

1. Select Zhenjiang vinegar and white pepper, color, taste.

2. Take the sodi is generally not hooked, and the soup is beautiful.

Edible instructions

成 成 成 成 成 成 成,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Carp can make liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, phlegm and cough, there is a good replenishment of people in liver and kidney, and it can also treat fetal movement, postpartum small emulsion. Expectant mother and postpartum women eat squid, which can be complemented, and will not cause oversutrients and cause obesity. In addition, there are more copper elements in the blood, copper is an indispensable minerality that maintains normal function of human nervous system and participates in key enzyme functions of several substance metabolism.

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