In XEF 6 , SP 3 D 3 Hybrids occurred in XE atom. Since the XE atom in XEF6 has a pair of lonely electrons, according to VSEPR theory, its molecular configuration is a deformation octahedron.


Physical properties

XEF 6 melting point of 322K, normal temperature is a colorless solid.

Chemical properties

Xef 6 oxidative properties of fluorine is used as a strong oxidizing agent and a fluorinaid.

Xef 6 EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc (IM> 3. The reaction activity is more stronger than ferluofluoride and tetrafluoride. The difference in reactive activity (397 ° C with the ferrifluoride) from the reaction conditions of the hydrogen, respectively, with the ferrid sultone, 127 ° C with tetrafluoride). Hexafluoride and silica (SiO 2 ) reactive can form tetrafluoridation and substances having explosive substances, so this product should not be stored in a glass or quartz container:

2xef 6 + 3sio 2 ==== 2xeo 3 + 3sif 4 < / B>

Additionally, xenon fluoride and strong Lewis acid react can form fluoride cation:

Xef 2 (s) + SBF 5 (l) ==== [XEF] + [SBF 6 ] - (s)


Xef 6 is reacted by Xenon and fluorine gas at a pressure of 5 MPa and 520 k. The reaction equation is:

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