Scientific question


Science First, the knowledge corresponding to the natural field, expanded to the society, thinking, etc., such as social science, science covers two meanings: revealing natural truth, and nature Reason for adequate observation or research. There is also the best original research papers and analyzes the current scientific policy "science"; "science" is also a nine-grade student textbook for nine-year compulsory education.

Scientific question

Source of the problem

The source of scientific issues is multifaceted, but the scientific problem of modern scientific research is mainly due to scientific and technical practice and social production practice. Most of the scientific issues raised from scientific and technical practices are the problems in the development of scientific themselves. Most of the scientific issues raised from social production practice are practical or technical issues.

Problem produces

Since ancient times, nature is the source of human beings, engineering principles, and significant invention. There are a wide variety of biological industry through long-term evolution, so that they can adapt to changes in the environment, resulting in survival and development. Labor has created human. Humans use their own body, labor-moving hands, communication emotions and ideas, promote nervous system, especially brains, have achieved high development in long-term production practices. Therefore, human unparalleled capabilities and wisdom far exceeds all of the groups of the biological industry. Humans use the labore to use smart talents and smart hands to make more freedom in nature. Human wisdom not only stays on the observation and understanding of the biological community, but also uses the unique thinking and design capabilities of human beings to imitate the organism, and increase their own skills through creative labor. The fish has freedom in the water, and people imitate the body ships of fish, and the wood paddles. According to legend, in the Daxie period, my country's ancient working people watched fish in the water swing and turning, turned, they raised wooden scull on the stern. Through repeated observation, imitation and practice, gradually change to the rudder and the rudder, increase the driving force of the ship, and master the means of turning the ship. In this way, even in the river rolling in the river, people can make the ship sail.

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