Quark particle

Definition Overview Quark particle

The first pair is on the upper quark and the quark, and the upper quark is +2/3, and the charge of the quark is -1 / 3. They are particles corresponding to the electron with the light pest in the kettler. A proton is composed of two upper quarks and a down quark, and a neutron consists of an upper quark and two downquakers.

The next pair of quarks are famous quit and sputum, and their lightburses have a μ meon and a micon.

The heaviest is the bottom quark and top quark, and their light somewhere correspondence is τ particles and the micros.

These quark can constitute other strong monks.

Different from the light child, Quark has a nature of the color (free name), which is similar to the charge, but there are three categories. The last color of all strong monks combined with three quockers is equal to 0 - this is why each of the three quarks are included in each of the tops of protons and neutrons. The collision (or glue) between the quark is carried and bonded by the gum, and the strong nuclear interaction is the side effects of the tone between the quark.

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