Public life


means that a particular form of the modern anthropology.


feature contemporary public life mainly in the following areas:

extensive range of activities.

economic and social development, the workplace and public areas of the community continues to expand, from traditional buses. Theaters, libraries, parks, dormitory case until the new securities exchange, talent market, especially network of people in public life is further extended to the virtual world. Even people staying at home, can also be involved in public life through the telephone, Internet and other modern communication tools.

openness active content.

public life, social life is the most common and basic public life, it enjoyed full for the community, not exclusive, it involves content is public, not secret at all. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of public life, every member of society should be responsible for their behavior in public life.

complex interaction objects.

, due to the underdeveloped productive forces, people tend to be active for a long period of history in society of acquaintances, contacts circle is small, relationships are relatively simple and clear; today's society, science the rapid development of technology and the increasingly sophisticated social division of labor, expanding areas of public life of the community, so that people contacts in the public life no longer limited to people familiar, but anyone who enters a public place, therefore, public life field like a stranger society, increasing asymmetry and behavioral consequences of unpredictability interpersonal information, resulting in the complexity of the interaction of the object.

activity diversity mode.

contemporary social development of the people's way of life has undergone new changes, but also greatly enriched the content and the way people in public life. Mainly for the increase and improvement of public facilities in public places, to the content and manner of public life to provide good conditions.


public events some simple, basic code of conduct that must be followed, its scope is very wide, involving individual and the individual, the individual and society, between mankind and nature complex relationship between. With the expanding field of modern social life, quality of life and increase the level of civilization, especially with the increasingly widespread use of modern high-tech development and its results, people space and broader moral vision, but also the content of morality more and more rich.

For example, the relationship between people and the natural environment, even people build activities in outer What ethical issues should abide by the rules and so on, has become increasingly prominent in this regard, public morality new content mainly ethical relationship between man and nature. From the reality of our society, combined with the requirements of the current development of the whole world of human life, morality norms of modern society, there are some elements below.

1, civility, mutual respect and promote people

As the basic requirements of public morality - the people of civilized behavior situation, it reflects a degree of civilization educated members of society, courtesy is such a degree of civilization in the external manifestations of interpersonal communication. As a basic norms of social morality, civility is a moral message in interpersonal communication, which describes a person of dignity and respect for others personality.

2, helpfulness, to carry forward the humanitarian spirit of socialism, to carry forward the humanitarian spirit, should do the following main aspects:

First, the requirements of socialist humanism fundamental rights and personality of each member of society, fully respected and maintained.

Second, society and the state to effectively care for every member of society and love, mutual care and love each other should be between the members of each society, which is a significant socialist humanism and moral requirements .

Third, the humanitarian requirements of a socialist society groups and members of society, those who have been unfortunate and difficult people, sympathy morally and materially, support and practical help.

Fourth, the humanitarian requirements of a socialist society and every member of society to respect knowledge, respect talent, and create more and better social environment for the comprehensive development of every member of society.

Fifth, the rule of law in modern society, people's level of civilization of a more and more important to improve the performance, that is, those criminals are undergoing transformation, has laid down their arms hostile elements, they must be given to humanely, allowed to insult their personality and give them repent and re Zuoren opportunity and a way out; the torture carried out for the transformation of prisoners, forced confessions and other cruel practices, we are firmly opposed to the socialist humanism .

3, protect public property, strengthen the socialist sense of ownership

In a socialist society, the state and society of public property, collective property, are all members of society in social activities to achieve the common interests of the material guarantee, but also the common interests of individual material conditions of workers and the interests of the people currently meet. So, socialist Weng's responsibility to maintain and cherish the national collective property, protect public property, is a basic requirement of social morality. Of the fruits of labor of society to cherish and care, social responsibility and obligation of every citizen should assume that it reflects the socialist collective spirit, both showing the level of individual morality, but also an important indicator of the overall level of social civilization.

4, to protect the environment, strengthen ecological ethics

on a global scale, strengthen ecological ethics education environment, a social morality construction, has a profound practical significance. With the development of modern society, especially after a few industrial revolution and technological revolution, the development of human production capacity is growing, but due to the increasing level of technology, people gradually formed a master of psychological conquest of nature itself, Hence the desire to obtain a copy of nature is also growing. In this way, the process of the human conquest of nature, but also of the natural world caused more serious damage. However, the destructive nature of the human conquest, also retaliated, and this is an increasingly serious deterioration of the ecological environment to bring all the difficulties of human existence. On this issue, as early as 100 years ago, Engels raised the warning: "Let's not overly intoxicated with the victory of our human nature, for each such victory nature takes its revenge on us every victory, had at first made. the results we expected, but added later, and then again it happened quite different, unforeseen effects, often the initial results and eliminate. "

5, law-abiding, conscious the maintenance of public order

in society, every citizen consciously abide by discipline, it is to at least maintain public order and moral condition. Under the socialist system, has formed organizational discipline trust of workers and poor peasants to a novel, self-conscious, "comradely discipline, mutual respect type of discipline, discipline is to play originality and initiative in the struggle "Therefore, this discipline has had a clear moral nature. With the development of society, give full play to its special role in the maintenance of public order. During Reform in our country, Comrade Deng Xiaoping proposed to train the "four" new strategic task this time, one of which is to strengthen the discipline of education, stressed the need to observe discipline. He said that in the past the Revolution is by discipline, discipline and style conscious, but now they have to have discipline, "as one, undivided attention, lack of discipline does not work."

consciously abide by the laws and regulations, maintain social order, it is for every citizen, there is a special requirement that the damage to speak of public order, national security is threatened in time, we should be courageous, to stand and out resolutely to combat it. The moral requirements, in the current social situation, there is a special and important practical significance. Therefore, in some areas, a prize is awarded for courageous people, and the form of law to decree it down. This illustrates not only enhance the legal awareness of our people, but also reflects the degree of social civilization and improve our people.

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