Poland mythology

historical origin

Pangu myth has not yet seen in the pre-Qin classics, but it and "Shan Hai Jing" written candle dragon myth there are similarities in ancient history scholar Liu Qi Yu of China after the epoch of ancient mythology to inspect, further affirmed the "Shan Hai Jing" dragon candle, candle Yin story prototype "Pangu myth". Historical records Pangu myth in the formation and development can be roughly divided into three stages.

The first stage: creation of the world

Pangu myth first appeared in the Tang Dynasty and linghu defen Ouyang Xun, Chen Shuda, Pei Ju, Zhao Hongzhi, Yuen Long, eds. " Arts class together, "when the Three Kingdoms Wu Xu cited whole" three five calendar discipline ":" world of chaos, such as chicken, Pangu Health which, eighteen thousand Chitose heaven and earth to open up, Yang Qing for the day, overcast cloud to ground Pangu. in which nine changes a day, in the day of God, the holy ground. the light of day ten feet high, ten feet thick to date, Pangu ten feet long day. so eighteen thousand thousand years, the number of days is extremely high, the number of deep, Pangu there is the very long after several cases in a San Juan, stand three, as in the five, seven Sheng, in nine, so that the everlasting ninety thousand "

second stage..: student body everything

in another book, "five Movements over the years in mind," also has some records on the Pan Gu, the book has been lost, the Qing Dynasty horse Xianxiao "Sounds of history" Volume cited says: "vitality Meng-hung, sprout beginning hereby, then divide the world, Zhao Li universe, Kai Yin sense yang, distribution strength, is pregnant and is the man also. firstborn Pangu, incarnation, gas into a situation, the sound for the Thunder, left eye for the day, the right eye for the month, the five bodies to four-pole limbs Sacred Mountains, rivers of blood is, to the ground and tendons, the muscles for the land, hair mustache for the stars, as vegetation fur, teeth bone is stone, is the essence of gems, sweat Ze rain, the body of parasites, because of the wind and feel, into Li Meng. "yin and yang points still half the world before this myth, pregnant person, the latter part of the description of the Pangu body metaplasia of all things.

The third stage: perfect molding

to travel the late Ming and write "open Yan Yi", Pangu hands and gave added this ax and chisel two instruments of labor, the story developed into the concept of heaven and earth to open up labor included.

cultural identity

main content

Tongbai County, Biyang County Pangu myth group including creation myth, the myth of the origin of man and punish evil Yang goodness, grace descendants of myths, concerning the creation of the world, the world is destroyed, the pro-rolling ground, human reproduction, and other bodies of all things, reflect the original inhabitants worship of nature, reflects the original ancestors of the universe.

legends in the world has not been previously opened, the universe is like a big egg chaos as a group. Pangu giant in the large "egg" in a sleep after about one hundred and eight thousand woke up and found a mass of surrounding darkness, he would open a huge hand split to go to the dark, loud noise, "large eggs "broken, something which the turbid and slowly descended into the foot of the land. Pangu stood between this world very happy. Pangu afraid of the world and then folded up to become way it was before, with his hand propped the sky, the earth marching feet, let your body every day ten feet tall, the world also increased along with his body ten feet every day. This in turn had a hundred and eight thousand, was getting high, the more thick, the distance between heaven and earth nine miles so far.

virtue of their god Pangu finally opened up heaven and earth, but the earth also exhausted. Pangu before his death, his mouth exhaled air flowing into a Four Seasons cloud, thunder sound into a left eye became the sun, his right eye the moon, hair and beard became the stars in the night sky, the body became East, southwest, north and the majestic four-pole three mountains, blood turned into a river, became a road meridians, muscle farmland, teeth, bones and bone marrow become underground mines, skin and fine hair vegetation, sweat on the earth into the rain. Pangu spirit soul is in his death into a human.

Legends site


Pangushan located TONGBAI, Miyang counties, at an altitude of 459 m. Legend of the mountain is the year of the great God of creation "Pangu" epoch-making, human reproduction, creator of all things local. Pangushan towering mountains, towering, people to commemorate the legendary human ancestor Pangu, they built a temple site in peak at the temple in a plastic Pangu like.

Gu progenitor Hall

Gu ancestral temple, a house of worship human ancestor of Pangea, located upstream of the river southwest Tongbai County Gu, large-scale domed Pangu ancestral temple mountain faces south, the house, sat a giant bronze statue of Pangea. Below the front of the hall, there is the right Fuxi hall, left there Goddess Church, the Church is under the Pangu Plaza.

heritage protection

heritage value

Pangu Myth interpretation of heritage for thousands of years, people have their deep social roots, because these cultural aspects inherent in the original ancestors of the Central Plains exploration and imagination of nature, with information ancestors doctrine of "origin of the universe, the origin of man," and is therefore an important part of the excellent Chinese cultural heritage.

heritage status

The main Pangu myth spread the word among the people mouth, and inheritance chain is relatively weak, the urgent need to protect them.

protective measures

On June 7, Tongbai County, Biyang joint declaration of the People's Republic of China Pangu myth of the State Council approved the inclusion of the second batch of national Intangible cultural Heritage, NO: ⅰ-57.

2021 years for the protection of cultural heritage research and heritage, Zhou Lin, director of the Henan Biyang Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center compiled the folklore collection "Grand Pangu myth," a book by the Sichuan Ethnic Publishing House official published.

social impact

historical influence

In the far Northern and Southern Dynasties era, in the vicinity of Hainan Zhuang ancestors lived, there chasing burial Pangu's Soul the "cemetery"; in particular, was a land inhabited by Zhuang Guilin (where this rule southeast of Liuzhou), MediaCom has Pangu temple, people whom "I wish worship." Pangu visible in the eyes of the ancient Zhuang people is also very popular worship of the image. "Today the South China Sea have Pangu's interactive three hundred years, the saying goes, the soul of future generations to recover funeral Pangu also. Guilin Pangu temple, people wish to worship."

The Significance

Pangu legend in the history of Chinese Myth hundred years or even more years of classic ancient cultural system in ancient literati created by the works of literature and other ancient books have become nowadays folk generations household of faith, is the top Pangu myth in the world of existence, the world's first birth of the ancient gods, was born from chaos, from being lost from the prehistoric, first, there is the world of Pangu. It also preach the truth, everyone has their own view of the world, from the creation of the world, created the world, enlightenment beings, evolutionary creatures, heritage species, and there are all kinds of cosmic food chain all the power dynamic of the mysterious cycle, from birth to these flowing process dead time of constantly increasing and consumption, naturally evolved everywhere immeasurable merit of good fortune.

Pangu myth reflects the cultural consensus. In the multi-ethnic acceptance of Pangu myth, heritage, people can see the nation's cultural self-confidence. This self-confidence is different from the traditional myth of faith in some Western countries. Pangu image itself is derived from the individual's own contemplation, whether born in the dawn of "chaos", or a variety of physical characteristics of Pangu, Pangu show is a grounded gas creator, countless cultural ancestors, culture heroes incarnation, is the Chinese people in accordance with their own culture constantly enrich and develop the formation of the god of creation.

Pangu myth reflects the cultural consciousness, because Pangu open space of human existence, gave birth to all things human life, lay order of the universe, to find the beginning of human history, people have been assigned inner world feel. People cherish the memory of their ancestors, roots people's subconscious, often fit with the production and dissemination of Pangu myth. In the modern context of increasingly advanced technology, some of the talk about Pangu There's no longer a sacred ritual, and even many of the motifs on Pangu enter into the film and television, animation, games, online scripts, but still reflect the previous cultural tradition and today's culture combine to create conscious. It is not only able to activate human memory of childhood, and will find people revered ancestors recall happy childhood, energetic and promising national identity.

Pangu Cultural Festival


Biyang 15 kilometers south, the legendary Pangu, the Creator of all things local. Three days of lunar month every year Pangu temple, there are tens of thousands of people came from all directions Pangu worship. This will Biyang playing a set of traditional temple culture, tourism, economic development, Baizu roots, showing Miyang image in one of the Pangu Cultural Festival.

cultural anecdotes

Religion legend

"Pangu to Tang Yu Biography" contains: Verdict - Pangu epoch-making, given the moon and stars storm. In the early Taoist ancient mythology, the legendary Great God Pan Gu is a man named "Cang Jie Hu," the birth of Sarah, the beads have a divine creation of the world, in the world of chaos is not open, this bead (Hu Cang Jie) is gave birth to Pangu treasures, so that after the explosion Pangu awake, is the treasure of the universe generated, which is separate beads created heaven and earth. Thus in Taoism it Pangu a gasification three clear statement; no moon and stars before the chaos, no existence of the universe, the beads already exist, Cang Jie Hu gave birth to Pangu's creation is both a thing, woke up after the explosion the sleeping Pangu, Pangu after the birth of indomitable spirit, to separate the world. Created the universe, and to make things and creatures born between heaven and earth. Fengyun Sarah Taoism Fazu Primus (Pan Gu Incarnation) epoch-making "singularity" is the source of Fame. (The earliest Pangu myth, Cang Hu Jie God beads wake Pangu created the universe, Pan Gu ax argument for the legend appeared in the late) (Cang Hu Jie Sarah is the Pan Gu Incarnation yuan ancestor of the hands of treasure sermon of, according to the Big Bang that the universe is generated at a singular point, and in accordance with the Taoist view, the universe is also produced in a "singularity")

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made a hillside river,

plan continent to live in,

made the sea to water.

beginning of the world,

sub-mountain plains,

open road junctions,

There are four roads lead.

beginning of the world,

made the moon and stars,

Because of Pangu,

talent too bright.

(From Huang Xianfan "Zhuang History")

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