Phone firewall

Product function

Phone firewall commercial version is a multimedia recording product device with independent intellectual property rights, which can filter out the phone number in the blacklist Call, directly refuse to answer the call of this number! At the same time, you also support your friends and relatives' list mode, just answer the call from your friends and relatives, refuse to answer the call of all other numbers! It also has functions such as anti-harassment. Let the call you want to pick up, you can't run, you don't want to pick up the phone, you can't come, and refuse to trouble, you still have a safe work and life.

Applicable range

This equipment has repeatedly suffered from advertising, sales, intimidation, etc., and taking an ultra-fast contact search algorithm, instantly identifying calls. The user's technology intercepts the above call, prevents its incoming, and can set only the mode that only accepts friends and relatives, and does not want to pick up the phone. If you want to pick up the phone, you can't run. At the same time, this device is closely fitted with the phone book to prevent you from tapping other phones to the phone line to prevent your economic losses.


a. The number of phone numbers entered in the blacklist directory of the firewall is listed as a blacklist, and automatically hangs when dialing the phone call.

b. When you use a relatives to call to protect the firewall, you can be turned on, and the rest will automatically hang up.

c. You can reject all hidden call numbers.

d. Automatically hang up to other trial-on-phones on the phone line

e. The size is small, the style is beautiful, and the operation is easy.

f. With the landline, other functions of the landline have no effect.

g. Call firewall function is a feature that modern multimedia telephones will have, and this feature allows high-end business groups away from harassment and enjoying office hours more peace of mind to improve work efficiency.

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